‘Teen Mom’s’ Amber Baltierra Regains Custody of Children After Sharing Concerning Photos

Amber Baltierra

Instagram Amber Baltierra

“Teen Mom’s” Tyler Baltierra’s sister, Amber, has regained custody of her children, according to The Sun.

The new custody arrangement comes on the heels of concerning photos of Amber that were recently posted on Reddit, sparking concern from fans that Amber was struggling with substance abuse issues, once again. In the pics, Amber appears to be covered in bruises and scrapes.

One Reddit user commented on the photo, “Tyler’s sister is looking awful.”

Another person wrote, “I really don’t believe this girl is sober lol… I hope to see that Amber again soon and that she has the resources/support she needs when she’s ready to use them.”

A third wrote, “Honestly this kind of thing is like the saddest thing on earth to me. People ruining their own lives with drugs, because they’re victims and can’t stop.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Amber’s Struggle With Addiction

In the past, in the words of The Sun, “Tyler has been open about how he’s struggled with his older sister’s addiction.”

In March, The Sun reported that Baltierra was “devastated” to learn that Amber had started drinking again.

And this isn’t the first time fans have expressed concern over Amber’s substance abuse.

In November 2019, the “Teen Mom” guest star was arrested in Texas after being charged with “assault” that caused “bodily harm,” according to the Ashley’s Reality Tea Roundup.

In a video posted to Instagram not long after the arrest, Amber admitted to being “off her rocker” lately.

She added, “As long as I keep a relationship with the guy in the sky who keeps me from getting high, I can make it. Your girl’s making it…can’t nobody get me down…nuthin’ gonna break me, nuthin’!” She also showed her AA chip in the clip.

In a clip posted two days later, Amber said, “People think that because you’re in recovery, you’re not allowed to lose your s**t… Absolutely not. At the end of the day, we’re still human. We’re sick in many different ways, but there is no man, there’s no situation, and there’s nothing on this earth that’s worth more than my sobriety. My kids are worth more than a bottle.”

According to The Sun, Amber was also arrested in 2013 for “possessing narcotic equipment and a glass smoking pipe.”

Catelynn Lowell’s Clickbait Story

Tyler, himself, made headlines recently after Catelynn Lowell implied that she and Tyler were getting a divorce in what turned out to be a clickbait story.

In the tweet, Lowell wrote, “This is hard to share, but I am officially done. It’s been a long time coming but I have always been upfront with my fans & supporters & this time is no different. Thank you for your continued support & Folded hands during this tough time.”

The link sent readers to an article to a piece about Lowell having contractions in advance of the birth of her child.

A Reddit user subsequently commented on the post, “Ugh. I wish she would just post normal life updates like Chelsea or Leah. The clickbaits are actually insulting the intelligence of her fans. Speaking of fans, I don’t know how she maintains her fan base.”

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