‘Teen Mom’ Star Confirms Pregnancy After ‘Nasty Fight’

Ashely Jones Briana DeJesus

MTV Her pregnancy was leaked by another cast member before she confirmed the news herself.

“Teen Mom” star Ashley Jones confirmed she was pregnant with her second baby, but only after Briana DeJesus outed her special news.

DeJesus, 28, and Jones, 25, began fighting via social media on September 2 after The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that DeJesus, Jones, and their mothers — Roxanne DeJesus and Pastor Tea — were sent home from filming “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” in Oregon after a “nasty fight” broke out.

“As for me being pregnant, yes I am thank you,” Jones wrote.

Jones then lashed out DeJesus, mocking her for contracting Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection, after she hooked up with Luis Hernandez. Hernandez is the father of DeJesus’ youngest daughter, 5-year-old Stella, but hasn’t been a steady presence in Stella’s life.

“Did you not get an STD by the same man who asked to sign over parental rights, Loser,” Jones wrote. “You said you could count how many times he’s seen your child on one hand, I hope you counted how many pills you took to clear up that coochie.”

DeJesus Accused Jones of ‘Endangering’ Her Baby

DeJesus then pulled up an old article from 2018 with a headline that reads, “Ashley Jones hits herself and then accuses Bar of abuse in deleted Instagram video.”

DeJesus then claimed Jones was “endangering” her unborn child by fighting with her.

“Worrying about my sex life but u hit urself? U are still with a man that hits u (allegedly speaking) and now ur having another baby with him???” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, per Teen Mom Tea. “And he’s in jail and cps came to ur house? And ur fighting knowing ur pregnant?? That’s endangering the welfare of an unborn child.. girl suck my imaginary dick backwards..”

DeJesus outed Jones’ pregnancy after she threatened to press charges on her co-star for spitting at her during their fight.

“I was going to keep this under wraps because that is apart of the nda we all signed and also bc I am going to press charges,” DeJesus wrote. “I tried to spare u extra grief knowing that ur pregnant now but aim going to stand by what is right.”

Jones & DeJesus Are Threatening To Press Charges Against Each Other

The fight between Jones and DeJesus might go from social media to the courtroom.

DeJesus threatened to press charges on Jones after she allegedly spat at her. She also insinuated that Jones wasn’t just protecting her mom, Pastor Tea, she was also sticking up for Kailyn Lowry, who DeJesus has feuded with since 2017.

“Also after bodily fluids went flying all over the place.. u had the nerve to say something amoung the lines of “who are u gonna spit on now” which I recall me saying something to [Kail] about that,” DeJesus wrote. “So were u ‘protecting’ ur mother or was that u still trying to fight that white woman’s battle who used u????? Make it make sense.”

As for Jones’ side, she didn’t plan to take the legal route with DeJesus but isn’t afraid to go to court either. Jones alleged that DeJesus threw a glass at her and her mother.

“I don’t do that police a** s*** but I’ll see you in court if you wanna go there since you and your mother both threw glass at me and mine,” she wrote.

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