PHOTO: Kailyn Lowry’s Friend Calls Out Briana DeJesus’ Weight

Briana DeJesus

Getty/Briana DeJesus The friend of Kailyn Lowry denied she was "body-shaming" Briana DeJesus.

The treadmill saga continues.

Bone Estrada, the best friend of “Teen Mom” alum Kailyn Lowry, told Briana DeJesus she wanted to send her a workout video. Estrada was likely referencing the treadmill drama between the two women, which started after DeJesus sent exercise equipment to Lowry’s home amid their legal drama.

“@_brianadejesus DM your address and I can send you a free workout video!!” Estrada wrote via Instagram on June 28. “Hopefully, you saved your receipt for that treadmill and you can use it for yourself! Xoxo 💋.”

The first slide showed Estrada flexing in the mirror at the gym. The second slide was a full-body picture of DeJesus.

Estrada was flooded with comments from “Teen Mom” fans who accused her of body shaming DeJesus, an accusation she denied.

“First of all…I’m not body-shaming her,” she wrote in one response. “I asked if she wanted a workout plan. Just looking for clients😂😂😂😂😂.”

“Also I’m not one to ever talk about someone’s body or looks but I actually think Brianas IQ is so low that its the only thing she comprehends,” Estrada said. “All she does is run her mouth and no one ever says anything so I feel like this is the only message she’ll understand. She literally sent a package with a note that said ‘get to running you fat c***.’ So i could have been a lot meaner. My post is nice idgaf.”

DeJesus, 27, didn’t immediately respond to Estrada’s Instagram post.

Lowry, 30, also did not publicly address her friend’s comments.

DeJesus Admitted to Buying Lowry a Treadmill

It was no secret that DeJesus bought Lowry a treadmill. She purchased it while MTV was filming “Teen Mom” and then posted about it on social media.

“Money can’t buy happiness but learning how to love urself will (: get in a better mindset and focus on something else (instead of me) so I decided to gift a treadmill ..I know u are fantastic at RUNNING YOUR MOUTH SO I THOUGHT UR FEET WOULD RUN JUAST AS FAST!” DeJesus wrote.

“I am 150. Lbs and I love every inch of my body,” she continued. “I don’t need to fat shame, anyone, especially knowing I could lose a few lbs myself … lol the gift was to reroute ur focus (: u can send it back if you want and I’ll go ahead and show u how to start loving urself!”

Lowry Thanked DeJesus for the Treadmill

Lowry responded to the “gift” by saying “thank you” to DeJesus, saying she was going to give the treadmill to her pets.

“My dogs will love it,” she said.

Later, on an episode of her podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama,” Lowry said it was “hurtful” to receive the treadmill.

“That’s hurtful. It’s petty, and it’s childish and it’s immature,” she said, per The Sun. “Thank you so much for the treadmill. I will find use for it. Did it hurt my feelings? Yeah. But at the end of the day, this is something that has to do with you, not me.”

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