Briana DeJesus Reveals Children Escaped Fatal Shooting by ‘Seconds’

Briana DeJesus on "Teen Mom 2"

YouTube Briana DeJesus on "Teen Mom 2"

On the morning of April 28, 2022, Briana DeJesus revealed that her sister and children missed a fatal shooting at a Target in Florida by mere “seconds.”

DeJesus wrote on Twitter, “My sister and my kids were seconds away from experiencing an active shooter at target. That s*** is literally mind blowing. Prayers go out to those who passed away yesterday or even experienced such a terrifying situation.”

According to Fox 35 Orlando, a shooting that took place on the night of April 27, 2022, at a Target just outside Kissimmee, Florida, left one person dead and three injured. Osceola County Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez told reporters that two deputies were involved in the shootout but were in stable condition. The outlet reported that at this time, there is no information on why the shooting transpired.

Fans were supportive of DeJesus and thankful for her family’s safety, with one user tweeting, “So sorry they had to experience that. Thank God they are ok.” Another wrote, “Someone is watching over them! Prayers to everyone hurt or injured. Thoughts to the families who lost anyone.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Stella DeJesus’ Medical Issues

This is not the only scare DeJesus has experienced when it comes to her children.

DeJesus’ daughter, Stella, has faced a number of medical issues over the years, as fans have witnessed watching “Teen Mom 2.”

In 2017, according to In Touch Weekly, Stella was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD). In an October 2021 episode of the show, DeJesus shared, “Luckily the holes don’t grow, they’re kind of small… people live their lives with holes in their heart … they’re fine. [The doctor] just wants to keep an eye on it.”

The stress of Stella’s many hospital visits has taken its toll on DeJesus. In January 2021, in a since-deleted tweet, according to In Touch Weekly, DeJesus wrote that she is suffering from PTSD as a result of Stella’s medical issues.

“She used to get sick every other weekend when she was a baby so any sign of her looking, sounding, or acting sick, I get the worst anxiety,” she wrote at the time.

In an April 2022 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Stella was once again struggling with heart issues. At the time, DeJesus told the cameras, “Stella has been complaining of her heart bothering her, her heart beating too fast. So we packed a bag and we ran to the ER.”

DeJesus Opens up about Her Conversation with Luis Hernandez

During the April 12 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” DeJesus’ opened up about her ex, Luis Hernandez, who was absent during one of Stella’s recent health scares. Speaking to the cameras, DeJesus shared, “Stella has been complaining of her heart bothering her.”

Later on, DeJesus said Stella’s hospital visit was difficult “without Stella’s dad’s support.”

And on the April 26, 2022, episode of the show, DeJesus expressed her frustrations with Hernandez to her mother, Roxanne DeJesus. After having a conversation with Hernandez about his absence when it came to their daughter, DeJesus told her mother, “He did not say anything. Nothing came out of his mouth.” She added, “He said he’s sorry, he’s going to do better, like every other conversation.”

When her mother pointed out that Stella has a positive relationship with her sister, Nova’s, father, DeJesus replied, “But that’s not her father.”

Through tears, DeJesus’ mother then said, “I’ve noticed that Stella is getting older, and she doesn’t understand it quite well yet, but it’s starting to click. When Devoin says ‘Bye Nova, I love you,’ or he says ‘Novi, I love you,’ you could see Stella… You can’t take it away from Nova, but Stella not getting the same, that’s f***ing f**ked up.”

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