‘Teen Mom’ Star Brittany DeJesus Joins OnlyFans

Brittany DeJesus

YouTube Brittany DeJesus

“Teen Mom” star Brittany DeJesus, the older sister of Briana DeJesus, has joined Only Fans.

Reddit users obtained a photo of Brittany’s OF profile and posted it in a forum titled, “Guess who’s back on the OF. Did Jenelle talk her into it again.”

As “Teen Mom” fans are well aware, Jenelle Evans joined the platform in May 2022.

Comments on Reddit were mixed. One user wrote, “There aren’t going to be any doctors or nurses to take care of this generation if all they do is OF as their jobs. I don’t hate on it but also wouldn’t encourage it.”

Another replied, “None of these ladies were exactly on that path to begin with. Despite what Jenelle and her medical degree think lol.”

Other comments were more supportive, though, with one user writing, “I think this is a smart move for her, and she’s got the potential to make a ton of money if she does it right. I love her spicy attitude. And I feel like that attitude enhances her look.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Briana DeJesus’ ‘I Won’ Party

News that Brittany has joined Only Fans comes on the heels of her sister’s party to celebrate her lawsuit win against fellow “Teen Mom” star, Kailyn Lowry.

Other guests at the celebration included “Teen Mom” stars like Jade Cline, Luis Hernandez, and Evans. DeJesus and her guests posted about the party on social media throughout the May 14 weekend.

During the event, DeJesus wore a necklace of $20 bills. She also walked around with props like a gavel and block.

Evans has not filmed with “Teen Mom” since 2019. However, MTV cameras appeared to be present at the gathering.

The DeJesus’ Sisters Podcast

In March 2022, Monsters and Critics reported that Brittany and Briana were planning on partaking in a podcast together.

On Twitter, in a post that no longer appears to be active, the outlet reported Briana as writing, “Looks like Brittany and I will be doing a podcast cause lord do we got some s**t to say! Stay tunedddddeddd ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤”

Later on, Briana added in the comments section, “Brittany has been wanting to do it for awhile but we have held off bc we don’t want anyone thinking we are copying anyone but each day that passes pay is money not being made so we made a final decision to start one and I cannot wait.”

Despite the fact that the two intend on working together, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing when it comes to their relationship.

In March 2022, the trailer for the eleventh season of “Teen Mom 2,” seen above, showed Brittany asking Briana how she became close to “Teen Mom” co-star and the father of Lowry’s children, four-year-old Lux and one-year-old Creed.

“We speak sometimes, like, on Instagram. Like, he’ll write on my story or I’ll write on his and we just like chit-chat on Instagram sometimes,” Briana told her sister. “And then he asked for my number. I gave it to him.”

“Girl, you’re just being messy,” Brittany responded.

When Brittany asked her sister if Briana was trying to make Lowry jealous, she said, “It’s gonna cause drama you know that. There’s enough drama with this b**** as it is. You don’t need no more.”

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