Catelynn Baltierra Shares Touching Birthday Wishes for Her Daughter

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Heavy/Getty A "Teen Mom" star shares an update on her oldest.

A “Teen Mom” star took to social media to share a very special birthday wish for one of her daughters. Catelynn Baltierra and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, initially appeared on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant.” At the time, they were expecting their first daughter and they were in high school, detailed People. The two first met when they were in 7th grade, and their romance began in 2005. When they were juniors in high school, they discovered they were expecting their first child.

Cameras followed the pair as their first daughter, Carly, was born and the two navigated the process of placing her for adoption. In the years since Carly’s May 2009 birth, Catelynn and Tyler have gotten married and expanded their family with three more daughters: Vaeda Luma, Novalee Reign, and Rya Rose. This week, it was Carly, who was on Catelynn’s mind.

Here’s what you need to know:

Catelynn Baltierra Wished Carly a Happy Birthday

On May 18, the “Teen Mom” star took to Instagram to wish her oldest daughter a happy birthday. “14 years ago this amazing little girl was born!” Catelynn’s caption began. “Gosh if she only knew how many people she has touched and changed. Happy Birthday Carly, we love you so much!!!” she added. The post included three photos of Carly from her younger days. The first showed Carly dressed up for a dance recital, and the second was from a visit Carly and her biological mom shared months after the adoption placement. The third snapshot showed a slightly older Carly holding one of Catelynn and Tyler’s other daughters.

As “Teen Mom” fans know, Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis, have kept their lives quite private over the past 14 years. This has caused some challenges throughout the years, given that Catelynn and Tyler continue to film “Teen Mom” and share updates on their family frequently on social media. The dynamic between the Davis family and the Baltierras has had its ups and downs, but Catelynn explained to her daughter Nova in a 2021 episode that they always do something for Carly’s birthday. Although Catelynn, Tyler, and their youngest three daughters do not have as much contact with Carly as they perhaps would like, Catelynn does make an effort to reflect on her birthday every year.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Showered Catelynn With Lots of Love

Catelynn’s birthday post for Carly received over 1,000 comments and 55,000 “likes” in less than 24 hours. Quite a few “Teen Mom” fans mentioned their amazement at how much Carly and Nova look alike, and many shared their own birthday wishes for the teenager.

“I thought that first photo was novalee!” one fan exclaimed.

“Y’all really made the same baby 3 times,” teased another fan, who replied to her own comment to correct, “4 times my bad.”

“I’ve been watching since the beginning! Can’t believe it’s been 14 years!! Happy Birthday Carly!!” added someone else.

Numerous commenters also suggested that in a few more years, when Carly turns 18, she will initiate having more contact with her biological parents. Some of these comments received pushback from others, though.

“When she’s 18 she’ll be back in your life she’ll choose to be with you guys I know it,” declared one “Teen Mom” fan.

“Please don’t assume that. – an adoptee,” replied someone.

“Happy Birthday, Carly! I don’t know why everyone keeps saying she’ll ‘choose’ to be with y’all. She can love and be a part of both of her families,” added another fan.

Another mom who placed her daughter for adoption around the same time, who has since reconnected with her biological child, shared, “I pray that one day, Carly will be able to do the same with you. Being a birth mom isn’t always easy, but it’s a beautiful title that not many people are able to carry. We brought our kiddos into the world, and that alone is a miraculous thing. My heart is with you today!”

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