Catelynn Baltierra Reveals Good News About Her Daughter

Catelynn Baltierra

MTV "Teen Mom" Catelynn Baltierra had great news to reveal about her daughter.

“Teen Mom” star Catelynn Lowell Baltierra celebrated when her daughter, 8-year-old Nova, placed second in her cheerleading competition. Nova, — the child Lowell shares with her husband, Tyler — has been cheering competitively with her know, known as the Tiny Tulips, since January.

Lowell shared three pictures of Nova from the competition. The first one showed her with her arms in the air; the second photo was of Nova helping one of her teammates stand on another team maters knee; Nova stood on two of her peers’ knees for the third picture, and the last image was of Nova and her friends holding up their second place banner.

“Tiny Tulips 💐 took home second place today!!! Way to go kiddos!!!” Lowell, 31, wrote via Instagram on March 26.

Nova’s team placed second again during a competition on March 18. “Great day at cheer Tiny Tulips took second place! 👏 let’s kill it again tomorrow!!” Lowel wrote via Instagram.

Nova’s team took home the top prize when she competed with them for the first time in January. “Super proud momma moment! Novalee had her first cheer competition today!! Her team won FIRST place!!!! My heart is exploding!!! Way to go Tiny Tulips!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 huge thank you to everyone supporting her journey!!” Lowell wrote.

Lowell and Baltierra, 31, have been together since they were in middle school and are the only original “Teen Mom” couple to remain together. They appeared in the first season of “16 and Pregnant,” where they decided to play their daughter, Carly, for adoption. They’re also the only couple in the “Teen Mom” universe to choose adoption for their child.

The MTV stars tied in the knot in 2015, nine months after Nova was born. They went on to welcome two more children together: 4-year-old Vaeda and 1-year-old Rya Rose.

The couple was vocal about wanting a baby boy, but they said Rya would be their last baby. Balteirra underwent a vasectomy in May 2022.

Lowell Asked Fans to Donate to Nova’s Team

Lowell faced backlash from fans when she asked social media users to donate money to Nova’s team.

“So nova is looking for sponsors,” Lowel wrote via Instagram in August. “The donations would help with uniforms, practice, and competitions! Anything helps thank you so much!”

“Can’t believe I’m gonna be a cheerleader mom ❤️🎉📣,” she added. “If you want to donate to the fundraiser send me a DM.”

Some fans on Reddit said it wasn’t appropriate for Lowell to solicit money online.

“This is just tacky. No, Cate, you can’t have my money,” the most popular comment said.

“Read the room cate most of us can’t even afford food anymore,” a second person wrote.

“They can sponsor the entire team themselves with the kind of money they pull in for that area,” a third social media user claimed. “They’ll blow thousands on relatives going back to rehab for the umpteenth time but not their kid’s sports team.”

Carly’s Adoption Has Been Painful For the Baltierras

Lowell and Baltierra opted for a semi-open adoption when they relinquished their parental rights to Carly to her parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. Over the years, the Balteirras have been able to get together with the Davis’ every few years to see Carly, who is now 14.

That also means Nova and Vaeda have been able to meet their older sister a few times.

Though Lowell and Baltierra don’t regret their decision, they admit it’s been painful.

The Davis’ don’t want Carly’s likeness to appear on social media and they don’t allow her face to be shown on “Teen Mom.”

“When Ty and I chose a semi-open adoption at 16, I never realized how joyful and painful it would be,” Lowell said during an episode of “Teen Mom,” per E! Online. “After Carly turned 4, the cameras weren’t allowed at our visits out of respect to her adoptive parents, but now I focus on the girls having a relationship as sisters.”

The Davis’ live in North Carolina and the Baltierras live in Michigan. The distance has impacted Nova, who said she missed her sister.

“She just started sobbing and she was like, ‘I really miss Carly.’ She was like, ‘Why did you have to separate us?'” Lowell told Baltierra about Nova during an episode of “Teen Mom,” per E Online. “It just never occurred to me when I was making the decision at 16 how it would impact my future children, you know?”

“I felt like that’s my sister and I can’t see her that much,” Nova told her parents about Carly. “Like, imagine getting split up from your sister or your brother.”

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