PHOTO: Rare Group Pic of Catelynn Baltierra’s 4 Girls

Tyler Nova

MTV The picture included Carly, the 13-year-old daughter Catelynnn and Tyler Baltierra placed for adoption.

“Teen Mom” fans ogled over new photos of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s girls, including a current picture of Carly, the 13-year-old daughter they placed for adoption as a baby.

The Baltierras are the only “16 & Pregnant” couple to choose adoption, a decision they have publicly said they don’t regret.

The Facebook group “Teen Mom Fan Page” posted side-by-side images showing Carly, 7-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda and 10-month-old Rya Rose.

Within two days of the picture being posted via Facebook on June 29, the photo garnered nearly 8,000 reactions and hundreds of comments and shares.

Some fans commented that Carly and Nova looked like twins.

Nova Knows About Her Sister Carly

Nova and Carly have met over the years, and the family still celebrates Carly’s birthday.

Carly’s adoptive parents — Brandon and Teresa Davis — opted to have a semi-open adoption, meaning that the Batlierras are allowed to remain in touch with their biological child. The contact is limited.

During a November 2021 episode of “Teen Mom,” Lowell and Baltierra talked to Nova about Carly’s adoption.

“You guys look a lot alike,” Baltierra told Nova.

“You do,” Lowell agreed. “It’s almost like God purposely cloned her for us.”

“Twelve years ago, Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital and had Carly,” Lowell told Nova.

“You were a little bit younger,” Nova said.

“I was a lot younger,” Lowell confirmed.

“Oh man, that’s not cool!” Nova answered. She asked why they “did that.”

“Because we didn’t make very good choices,” Baltierra told her.

“We weren’t being very smart when we were younger. Then Brandon and Teresa came up there to meet Carly,” Lowell added.

Nova said her parents didn’t have “baby stuff,” but the Davises did have “baby stuff” so that’s why they adopted Carly.

“Yeah, so we gave them the baby, so now they’re happy,” Nova confirmed.

“Yeah so, uh, I’m going to be thinking about this my whole entire life,” she said at the end of the conversation.

Lowell & Baltierra Visited With Carly in 2021

Visiting Carly, who lives in North Carolina, has become harder for the Michigan-based couple. The hardship was confounded by the coronavirus pandemic, which kept the “Teen Mom” stars away from their biological child for two years.

MTV cameras were rolling when they reunited, but Carly didn’t appear on “Teen Mom.”

“I think it’s awesome to be able to show the journey of an open, semi-open adoption through the years and the ups and the downs and learning and navigating this relationship,” Lowell told E! News.

“I think it’s super awesome that we can continue to do that in a way that can show our fans the journey but also in the way that it allows Carly’s parents to feel comfortable with us sharing it as well,” she added.

Baltierra also said he was happy to share his adoption journey with fans.

“I feel like we did a good job of opening the door for that conversation to happen and making it more normal, more accepted to get information,” he told E! News. “It’s kind of great to think about being part of that door opening, but we’re blessed to do it.”

Lowell is slated to appear on “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” which doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

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