Exclusive: Chelsea DeBoer Addresses ‘S*** Show’ Struggles

Chelsea and Cole Deboer

Getty/Heavy HGTV designer Chelsea DeBoer gets real about her struggles as a mother-of-four.

HGTV designer, business owner, entrepreneur, wife, and mother: Chelsea DeBoer seemingly does it all. But how does she balance her work life and personal life?

DeBoer, 31, relaunched Aubree Says, her home decor line, on February 27 — weeks after season 1 of her new HGTV show, “Down Home Fab,” finished airing. The Aubree Says website and logo have a sleek new design, and DeBoer added six new items — ranging from kitchenware, candles, blankets and more — to her collection, all of which retail for under $80.

DeBoer told Heavy in a phone interview, that her life can get a little hectic sometimes.

“It’s definitely chaos,” she told Heavy on March 2, with a laugh. “I always say it’s a s*** show but I don’t know if I can say that on an interview. But it truly is.”

DeBoer confessed that her family isn’t the most “organized.”

“Every day we wake up, and — from the morning when we get up to when we go to bed at night —  it’s just pure chaos,” she said. “It’s running around, forgetting activities or something.”

Even though she might forget a few things, DeBoer wouldn’t want to live her life any other way. “I  love it,” she told Heavy. “I feel like we thrive on the chaos.”

DeBoer is working on finding balance in her life.

“Sometimes I’m like oh my gosh this is so stressful but it’s also fun,” she said. “We don’t want to miss any of the kids’ activities or games or anything, so finding that balance has been hard but we’re just trying to work through it and hopefully find the balance eventually.”

DeBoer and her husband, Cole, have four children: 13-year-old Aubree, 6-year-old Watson, 4-year-old Layne and 2-year-old Walker June. Aubree is DeBoer’s child from her relationship with her high school boyfriend, Adam Lind.

The DeBoers went on to land a home renovation show with HGTV in 2023, and three episodes in, the network greenlit a sophomore season. DeBoer told Heavy she’s excited to incorporate some new items from her collection into her future renovations.

Aubree Has a Say in Aubree Says

DeBoer’s home decor line was named after her eldest daughter, and she knows exactly who to go to if she’s indecisive about a product: Aubree.

“She knows that I think anything she says is cool is cool, so she totally gets the vibe of Aubree Says,” DeBoer told Heavy.

The teenager also helps her mom with her social media presence.

“She is so good at social media. She’s on TikTok,” DeBoer told E! News. “She doesn’t have a personal account. But when I need help on social media or making a TikTok, I’m like, ‘Aubrey help me’ and she’s just so good at that stuff already.”

But Aubree isn’t allowed to have her own account — not yet, at least.

“You’re a kid and you don’t think about what you’re posting sometimes so it’s really just out of protection for her, but she doesn’t see that obviously,” DeBoer told E! News. “I’ve seen the negative comments firsthand and it’s such a fear of mine that she would get any of that or see any of that even on my pages… It’s just so hard because we really don’t know.”

Aubree Says Is ‘More Chic’

DeBoer didn’t just add a few new items to her collection, she made sure to choose high-quality items that were “so pretty.”

“It’s definitely more high-end and chic,” DeBoer told People. “This is definitely my style that I like to put in my home. It’s just very clean, simple and quality pieces.”

Fans can expect to see some of DeBoer’s signature “South Dakota glam” mixed into the collection’s style.

During season 1 of “Down Home Fab,” DeBoer leaned into her bold, glamorous style, where she often chooses unexpected patterns, and tiles, and may very well paint something black.

Aubree Says and “Down Home Fab” were all inspired by the same thing: DeBoer’s home build in South Dakota. She and Cole built their house from the ground up in 2020 and discovered their love for home design and construction.

“Whenever Cole and I started building our home is when we really just found the passion for everything,” DeBoer told People. “Cole’s always been good with construction, but I just had so much fun picking all the finishes and decorating.”

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