Exclusive: Chelsea DeBoer’s ‘Cool’ Update on Aubree Since the Last Time Fans Saw Her

Aubree Lind

Calli Rentschler/Baya Rae Photography Chelsea DeBoer's daughter, Aubree.

“Down Home Fab” star Chelsea DeBoer — the entrepreneur and businesswoman behind Aubree Says — updated fans on her eldest daughter, Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer.

The 13-year-old’s name was the inspiration for DeBoer’s home line, which received a “chic” overhaul over the past year. DeBoer relaunched the brand on February 27. There are six new items — all under $80 — that include kitchenware, candles, blankets, and more.

Aubree thought it was “cool” that her mom used her name for the business. “Aubree was the beginning of this whole thing in my life,” DeBoer, 31, told Heavy in a phone interview on March 2. “When I had her the journey pretty much began. I thought it would be special to incorporate her name of course.”

“And she knows that I think anything she says is cool is cool, so she totally got the vibe of Aubree Says,” DeBoer added.

Aubree might just be 13, but she’s helping her mom pick out some of the products for the home line, according to DeBoer, who said: “I’ll show her. I’ll be like, ‘Do you think this is cool?’ And she’ll be like, ‘Yeah.'”

Eventually, DeBoer dreams of Aubree having a bigger role in the company. “When she gets older, I would love it if she was a huge part of Aubree Says,” DeBoer told Heavy. “That’s the end goal.”

The Sioux Falls native — who renovated six homes in South Dakota for season 1 of HGTV’s “Down Home Fab” with her husband, Cole DeBoer —  cannot believe how fast the past 13 years went.

“Aubree is 13, which still blows my mind,” DeBoer told Heavy. “I feel like since everyone saw her last, she has really come into her own. She has such a cool vibe. Her style is so awesome and it’s been really fun to see her like come into her own person.”

DeBoer and her husband have been married since 2016. They welcomed three children together: 6-year-old Watson, 4-year-old Layne, and 2-year-old Walker. Aubree is DeBoer’s child from her relationship with her high school boyfriend, Adam Lind.

In 2022, they announced they landed their show on HGTV. In the middle of “Down Home Fab” airing, HGTV renewed it for season 2, which is slated to premiere in early 2024.

DeBoer first launched Aubree Says in late 2020. She was inspired after building her own home from the ground up. After the rebrand, DeBoer told Heavy she plans to include Aubree Says items into all her renovations for season 2 of “Down Home Fab.”

Aubree also wants to have a bigger role in season 2 of “Down Home Fab.”

“She’s said that multiple times,” DeBoer told In Touch. “She’s so creative and artistic. I could definitely see her really getting into this. And so, it will be fun to incorporate her as she gets older into our projects and more of Aubree Says.”

Deboer Doesn’t Want Aubree to Get Piercings

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham might be okay with her daughter — 14-year-old Sophia — get multiple piercings in one sitting, but DeBoer isn’t ready for Aubree to get facial jewelry.

“If I would let her, she would get her septum pierced and stuff, which I’m not against,” DeBoer told In Touch. “Like, I have piercings, and I had piercings, but I feel like 13 is a little young.”

I’m like, ‘Wait until you’re 16, and then we can reevaluate. So, facial piercings — I’m like, ‘That needs to wait. But she can do her ears and stuff,” DeBoer added.

In February 2022, DeBoer allowed Aubree to wear a fake septum piercing to a Louis Tomlinson concert. “We’re allowing her to wear it for the concert, but she just looks so cute and she’s excited,” DeBoer wrote via Instagram at the time.

Aubree Says Has a New Website and Logo

Part of DeBoer’s rebranding for Aubree Says included a new logo and a new website for the business.

The mission of Aubree Says is to make the home feel like a “sanctuary.”

“Family is our source of joy,” they write in their About Us. “Our sun. It expands our hearts,  it motivates us, it teaches us wisdom and demands patience. So much joy, so much freakin’ patience.”

“But our home matters, too. It’s the incubator. The sanctuary. The workshop and oven all at once. It’s the safe spot, with that firelight glow, that helps our family to thrive,” the mission statement continues. “A cozy home isn’t just pleasant — it’s important. When it feels like us, when it reflects us, it makes our family stronger.”

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