Chelsea Houska Admits to Being ‘Delirious’ Amid $3M Suit

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska admitted that she was feeling "delirious" and fatigued.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska admitted that she was feeling “delirious” and fatigued. She and husband Cole DeBoer welcomed their fourth daughter, Walker June, on January 25. They’re also battling a $3 million lawsuit from a former employee, social media consulting company Envy, who they claim is bitter and unprofessional about the way things ended.

Cole and Chelsea celebrated Walker’s one-month on Instagram–but they were a little bit early. Walker doesn’t turn one month old until February 25, and Chelsea mistakenly claimed that Walker had celebrated her one-month on Monday, February 22. As noted by The Sun, she later changed the caption of the Instagram post to say “Four weeks, babe.”

Chelsea realized her error, and took to her Instagram stories with Cole to laugh off the mistake. “It is 11:15 pm and we are – I don’t know if we’re just like delirious ’cause it’s not that late but we both just looked at each other, we both just started laughing at a one-month photo of Walker but I will say that we didn’t do the full set-up like we wanted to,” she said.

“But then, just now, literally just now, I was like ‘it’s not the 25th so she’s not technically a month old.’ This is what my head was going off on, it’s been four Mondays so that means four weeks,” she continued. “So I guess technically we should have said she’s four weeks but we’re losing our minds, people!”

It’s Not the First Time Chelsea Has Mixed-up Days

Chelsea and Cole mistakenly celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early this year. While most people waited until Sunday, February 14 for the holiday, Chelsea and Cole showed their affection a little bit early. She took to Instagram to share the mix-up, along with a picture that was taken last year. Chelsea said her current look was unshowered and “haggard.”

“We spent almost all day ~yesterday~ celebrating Valentine’s Day since we 1000% thought it was 🙃 …I love this man SO much. Thank you for choosing me 🖤,” she wrote.

“Picture from last Valentine’s Day because today I look haggard, unshowered and in the same sweats I’ve been in all weekend. KISS YOU,” Chelsea added.

Chelsea & Cole Claim the $3 Million Lawsuit Is ‘Frivolous’

Chelsea and Cole haven’t discussed the lawsuit against them directly, but through their rep they told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup it was senseless.

“Our client looks forward to their day in court when the truth will come out,” the rep said on February 12. “This is nothing more than a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-associate [of Chelsea and Cole’s] who was terminated for breach of contract.”

Chelsea, 29, and Cole, 32, worked with Envy from 2015 to 2019, where they agreed to pay the social media consulting company 35% commission on domestic deals and 40% on international deals. Envy, however, alleges Chelsea and Cole did backdoor deals and withheld millions from them, which is where the $3 million figure comes from.

In their filing, the company said the Teen Mom 2 alums “breached their contracts by directing certain Brands to directly pay Houska, DeBoer, one of the other Shared Clients, and/or other persons or entities to avoid paying Envy Licensing Fees.”

Not only did Cole and Chelsea deny the allegations against them, but they are also countersuing Envy for $150,000, claiming the consulting firm actually owes them money.

Chelsea was originally supposed to give her deposition in February but asked for it to be delayed since it was too close to Walker’s birth. The courts approved her plea, and she’s slated to be deposed in April.

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