Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Welcome Newest Family Member

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

HGTV / YouTube Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air for former “Teen Mom” stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, and this year they have even more to love as they’ve welcomed another Miniature Scottish Highland cow to their family.

DeBoer shared the news in a February 13 Instagram post, writing, “Welcome to the family Henry!! 🐮,” under photos of the newest DeBoer interacting with his new family.

See the photos below.

The DeBoer Family Now Has 4 Miniature Cows

Houska shared a clip of Henry to her own Instagram profile on February 12, with the audio behind the video saying “Girls don’t want flowers for Valentine’s Day. We want cows.”

Henry (who some fans on DeBoer’s post thought looked like a reindeer) marks the fourth Miniature Scottish Highland cow the DeBoer family has purchased in recent years. Houska and DeBoer started building their dream home in January 2020 and documenting the build process and new farm lifestyle on the Instagram account @DownHomeDeBoers (which served as inspiration for their current HGTV series, “Down Home Fab”).

Over the years, Houska and DeBoer have shared photos of their first three cows, Nelson and Steve (purchased together in June 2021), as well as Todd (welcomed to the family in December 2021). The DeBoer family are avid animal lovers, and also have goats, dogs, a sheep, and a pig on their sprawling six acres of land.

All of the DeBoer family cows have been purchased from Rolling 7 Ranch Company, a breeder in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Rolling 7 Ranch prices vary depending on factors including color, sex, and size at maturity, however, per their estimates, Henry would have cost the DeBoers anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. Those seeking to purchase a Miniature Scottish Highland of their own have to go through the process of contacting Rolling 7 Ranch and being added to a waiting list.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Reveal Favorite Date Spot

Houska and DeBoer have a lot of love to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, and in a video shared to the HGTV YouTube channel on January 30, the Sioux Falls, South Dakota couple revealed their favorite date spot: B & G Milkyway. The ice cream stand is only open in the warmer-weather months, which the couple says is an exciting time for the entire town. Now with nine locations, the first B & G Milkyway spot, which DeBoer shared that he had been going to since he was a child, opened in 1954 under the name Milkyway. The “B & G” were added to the name when Bertha and Guy Higgins purchases the Milkyway in the 1960s, and the chain began to open new franchises in 2001.

Houska and DeBoer also took a couples quiz to promote their HGTV show and quizzed each other on how well they know their spouse. During the quiz, Houska revealed that their cow Nelson is her favorite of the family’s many farm animals, while DeBoer’s favorite is Gary the sheep (which DeBoer bottle-fed for “a long time”). The couple also shared their go-to karaoke songs and pet peeves with one another (Houska can’t stand when DeBoer stops what he’s doing to take a drink of water, especially while she is in a rush).

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