Fans Think Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Looks Like Her Son’s ‘Clone’ in New Photo

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Former “Teen Mom 2″ star Chelsea Houska, 31, caught the attention of fans on Tuesday, March 7 after she shared a photo of her youngest daughter Walker, 2, on Instagram. In the photo, Walker is smiling at the camera while wearing a brown knit sweater, black pants, and brown boots.

Fans of the reality star couldn’t get over the resemblance between her daughter Walker and her six-year-old son Watson, calling Chelsea’s youngest “a clone” of her brother.

“She’s a clone of your son. Lol,” one fan wrote.

“Watson’s twin,” another Instagram user wrote.

“The ‘birthday twins’ are LITERALLY twins!! 😍WOW!! 👀SO adorable!! 🥰,” a third user added. Watson and Walker were both born on January 25.

“Cloning kids[.] [Walker] looks just like Watson and Layne,” a fourth user chimed in. Layne is Chelsea’s third eldest child.

Tuesday’s post is not the first time fans have pointed out the resemblance between the two siblings. On January 25, 2022, Chelsea shared a photo of Watson and Walker on Instagram and fans were struck by how much Walker looked like her big brother.

“It’s incredible! Same,same face! 🥰💫💘💫💘💫,” one Instagram user wrote. 

“They look like twins !! 😍👏😍👏,” another user commented. 

Chelsea’s Kids Watson & Walker Share a Birthday

Similar facial features are not the only thing Watson and Walker have in common. The two siblings also share a birthday.

Chelsea welcomed her son Watson on January 25, 2017. The MTV star shared a photo of the newborn’s hand on Instagram to celebrate his birth in 2017.

“Welcome to the world, sweet boy 💙 ,” she captioned the post.

Chelsea gave birth to her youngest child Walker on Watson’s fourth birthday four years later.

The “16 and Pregnant” alum shared a photo of newborn Walker letting out a big yawn on Instagram on January 26, 2021.

“Walker June. 6lbs 1oz 🌻,” Chelsea wrote in the caption of the post. “She decided she wanted to share a birthday with her big brother, Watson and surprised us by coming last night🤍.”

Since then, the “Teen Mom” star has embraced having two little ones that share their special day.

On January 25, 2023, Chelsea celebrated Watson turning six and Walker turning two on Instagram. She shared six photos of her two children alongside a sweet caption.

“We have TWO very special birthdays today,” she wrote. “Watson is 6 and Walker is 2! Walker reminds me so much of Watson when he was a toddler so it just makes sense that they were born on the same day. Both are observant, quiet (most of the time) and so dang smart! Time slow down.”

Fans showed their love for the birthday twins in the comment section.

“That is so amazing that you have two kids with the same birthday! That has to be one chance in 1 million,” one Instagram user wrote. 

“Awwe Birthday twins!!! Happy birthday to the babies 🎂🎂,” a second user commented.

“What are the chances of having two babies born on the same day?❤️❤️🎂🎂,” a third user wondered.

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