Fans Gush Over Big Moment for Chelsea Houska’s Son

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

YouTube Chelsea Houska DeBoer of "Teen Mom 2" talks with her daughter Aubree.

Former “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska recently shared an adorable moment featuring one of her children, and fans went wild over it. Houska posted a photo of her son Watson on her Instagram stories, and the photo captured a big first for the 5-year-old cutie. Watson is Houska’s only son with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and it seems quite clear that young Watson is going to be quite the charmer, and already is.

Here’s what you need to know:

Watson Was Ready for His First Concert Performance

On Monday, December 5, the “Teen Mom” star shared a photo of Watson on her Instagram stories and detailed, “First holiday concert for my cutie boy.” Watson stood looking straight at the camera and he had a big smile on his face. He wore a button-down plaid shirt, with the cuffs turned up at his wrists, along with a gray pair of pants and dark shoes. His hair appeared to be styled with a touch of gel to make the top spiky, and he looked ready for his big moment.

Since Houska shared the photos via her stories, and not as a regular Instagram post, “Teen Mom” fans could not publicly comment on it there. The photo was shared on Reddit, though, and it was a big hit among fans of the MTV series.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Thought Watson Looked Adorable

The Reddit post featuring the photo of Watson in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” sub received over 300 likes and 30 comments in about 18 hours. While “Teen Mom” fans can be rather critical of the franchise’s stars at times, there seemed to be virtually nothing but love for Houska’s son and his concert attire.

“Watson and his million dollar smile gives me such nostalgia for my little sons who are way taller than me now. He is so cute being a little man,” a Redditor shared.

“Elementary music teacher here dying of that CUTENESS,” another added.

“Sweet adorable Watson!” someone else gushed.

In addition to simply gushing over how cute Watson looked, several Reddit posters shared their takes on whom Watson most resembled.

“Mini cole,” suggested one “Teen Mom” fan who felt Watson looked just like his dad.

“Mini Randy!” countered another fan, referring to Houska’s father.

“Randy and Cole had a baby! Cutie little Watson,” commented someone else.

“Oh god how cute. I love his little outfit. Man he looks like his dad,” shared another Redditor.

“He’s all Chelsea(‘s original face) to me!” a different comment read.

One comment was deleted by a moderator for breaking the “no offensive comments about cast children” rule of the sub, but it appeared only one Redditor had felt it necessary to say something seemingly negative about Watson in this case. Others gushed over how “Chelsea and Cole have beautiful kids” and thought Watson looked grown up and very sweet.

“Teen Mom” fans first met Houska when she welcomed her oldest daughter, Aubree, whose biological father is Adam Lind. Now, Houska has Watson along with daughters Walker and Layne too. Viewers regularly comment on how quickly all the franchise kids are growing up, and Watson seemed a perfect example of that in his pre-concert snapshot.