Fans Can’t Believe How Grown Up Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Looks

Chelsea Houska shared a new family photo

MTV\'s Teen Mom / YouTube Chelsea Houska shared a new family photo

It’s been over 13 years since former “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska first became pregnant with her first daughter, Aubree, at the age of 17, and the mother and daughter have both grown up a lot over the years.

In her recent Thanksgiving Instagram post, Houska shared a family photo with the caption “Thankful for these turkeys 🦃”, While the post includes Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer along with their three other children, Watson, Layne, and Walker, fans can’t believe how grown up the 13-year-old Aubree, who is nearly as tall as her mother in the photo, looks in the post.

See Chelsea’s family photo, and hear what fans have to say about it, below.

Fan Reaction to Chelsea Houska’s Post Sparks Debate Over Word Choice

Fans weren’t shy to let Chelsea Houska know how shocked they were to see Aubree, who they have seen on their screens since she was a baby, growing up so fast.

“Can we please address that Aubrey is full grown? What the heck!” one fan wrote.

“I was looking and wondering where’s Aubree ? I cannot believe how grown she is. I feel old now,” another fan added.

“Look at Aubree! Omg! She’s grown into a beautiful young lady! 😍” a third fan wrote.

Houska’s comments section included a bit of controversy around word choice as well. When one fan wrote, “Omg Aubrey is getting so big and beautiful 😍 definitely miss seeing all of you guys on tv. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁”, another fan responded, asking them to replace the word “big” with “tall” when talking about peoples’ bodies, writing, “I’m very tall and always felt bad when people said ‘oh she’s gotten so big’ I wasn’t big just tall but at 66 that still follows me. Wish it didn’t but I was careful to say tall not big when talking about my daughter who is much more secure than I ended up.”

The original commenter thanked them for the correction, but by then, other fans had chimed in as well, with one writing, “There’s nothing wrong with saying bigger. Kids get bigger. They get taller, their muscle mass grows—everything changes, not just height. And that’s perfectly normal and healthy. Turning a common, normal word like ‘bigger’ into a negative word, is not healthy for anyone.”

Aubree Was Born 5 Weeks Premature

Fans first got to know Chelsea Houska when she was pregnant with Aubree on Houska’s episode of “16 and Pregnant”, which first hit screens over a decade ago in 2010. Houska’s episode focused on her tumultuous relationship with Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, who she said was texting her to try and end the relationship while Houska was at the doctor’s office confirming her pregnancy.

Houska experienced Braxton Hicks contractions during her pregnancy, and the doctors warned her that given these and other symptoms, there was a chance that she would go into pre-term labor, which she did on the first day of her senior year of high school in the middle of math class, five weeks before baby Aubree was due.

Despite the complication, Aubree went on to be a very healthy baby, and Houska continued on to have three more successful pregnancies with her current husband Cole DeBoer.

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