Cheyenne Floyd Requests Prayers for Daughter’s Health & Recovery

Cheyenne Floyd Davis

Getty "Teen Mom" star Cheyenne Floyd attended an event for MTV.

“Teen Mom” star Cheyenne Floyd recently admitted she could use some support from fans. She is a mother to two children, Ryder and Ace, and she shares frequent updates on the kids via her social media pages. Her recent Instagram posts have been positive ones about life with her kids and husband, Zach Davis, but apparently, there have been some health difficulties for Ryder behind the scenes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cheyenne Floyd Noted Ryder’s Frequently Been Sick Lately

On March 13, the “Teen Mom” star took to her Instagram Stories and opened up an opportunity for fans to connect with her. She posted a question box and simply directed everyone to “Spread Love.” Floyd posted some notes she received and added encouraging notes of her own to quite a few of them. One question from a follower read, “Do you have any prayer request? How can we help?”

Floyd shared that fan question and replied, “Prayers for Ryders health & a speedy recovery.. seems like since she started kindergarten she keeps getting sick.” Ryder, 5, started Kindergarten in August 2022. At the time, Floyd shared a handful of photos on her Instagram page highlighting her daughter’s big day. “Kindergarten here we come! So excited for Ryder’s first day! Thank you to all the men in her life for showing up to take her today.”

Ryder was all smiles as she posed outside her school, putting her hands on her hips as she wore a decorated paper hat that noted she loved Kindergarten. Other photos in Floyd’s Instagram post showed Ryder posing with her dad, Cory Wharton, stepdad Davis, her half-brother Ace and half-sister Mila, along with Lloyd’s own father, Kyle Floyd, and step-father David James “Bo” Bowdre. As happy as Ryder looked as she started Kindergarten, it seems she’s been sick often since starting her new school. Given her existing medical condition, fans likely understand why Floyd could use some extra support.

Ryder Wharton Has a Rare Genetic Disorder

As the family has detailed on their Rage Regardless Ry website, Ryder was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called VLCAD (very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency) after her birth. The condition means Ryder’s body cannot transform long-chain fatty acids into energy, according to the Health Resources & Services Administration Newborn Screening website. The condition can lead to damaged muscles, heart, and liver, along with fatigue and issues with low blood sugar levels. Although Ryder’s family is accustomed to managing the condition at this point, even simple additional illnesses can cause issues. If an illness leads to diarrhea, vomiting, or even a resistance to eating, for example, emergency care may become necessary.

Lloyd did not share specifics regarding what kind of illness Ryder is currently battling. However, the “Teen Mom” star’s note signaled that her daughter has not been feeling well and the family could use some extra prayers. When another follower noted their family had just received a VLCAD diagnosis, Floyd posted a lengthy response. “I remember getting the call that Ryder had it… we were on our second day home from the hospital and it was one of the scariest days of my life.” Floyd added she had not even known VLCAD existed when Ryder was diagnosed and she encouraged the follower to “Take this time to feel all the emotions.. give yourself time to process and to learn” while adding she would be praying for the family.