Cory Wharton Shares Update on Baby Maya Ahead of Major Surgery: ‘It’s Time’

Maya Wharton and Cory Wharton

YouTube Maya Wharton and Cory Wharton snuggle in a home video.

A “Teen Mom” star shared a major update on one of his children on January 4, and he is receiving plenty of support in return. Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge share two daughters, and their youngest Maya is undergoing a serious surgery. Fans have been aware of Maya’s health problems, and now she faces the next difficult step in managing the issues.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maya Wharton Underwent Open Heart Surgery

On January 4, Wharton took to his Instagram page to fill “Teen Mom” and “The Challenge” fans in on the latest regarding Maya’s medical issues. In an Instagram story, he wrote “It’s time, all these months we’ve been waiting for today, it’s just a unreal feeling because you want her to be OK in the long run.” The short video he shared was recorded at 6:41 a.m., and it showed Wharton holding his daughter at the hospital as they prepared for her surgery. “But you don’t want her to be in pain that’s my biggest thing. Anybody that knows as a parent seeing your kid in Pain and not being able to help is the worst feeling in the world,” Wharton added.

Another Instagram story of Wharton’s pleaded, “Prayers for Maya today, she has her open heart surgery.” The “Teen Mom” star also shared a post on Instagram detailing a bit more information for his followers. The photo was a still shot showing him with Maya at the hospital, and he included a lengthy caption. “All I’m asking, is for everybody to keep us in your prayers and keep praying for her & the doctors that will be working on her heart.”

‘Teen Mom’ Stars & Fans Flooded Wharton With Support

Wharton also wrote, “We have been anticipating this day for so long all the anxiety that has built up for months.” As the “Teen Mom” stars previously shared, Maya was born with a condition called tricuspid atresia. Multiple surgeries are required to repair the heart defect, and Wharton previously explained Maya would need open-heart surgery when she was about six months old, and again in several years.

Wharton asked for prayers, and he received a lot of them. His Instagram post about Maya’s surgery received over 85,000 “likes” and 3,000 comments in just a few hours. Fellow “Teen Mom” personalities such as Briana DeJesus, Bristol Palin, and Kailyn Lowry added notes of support, as did “The Challenge” veterans like Rachel Robinson, Tori Deal, “Johnny Bananas” Devenanzio, and others. “Teen Mom” fans shared their love too.

“Maya you got this! We are all praying for you and your family!” read one comment.

“Prayers for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery for your sweet little girl,” added another fan.

As of this writing, neither Wharton nor Selfridge have provided further updates via their Instagram pages. “Teen Mom” and “The Challenge” fans will be eager to learn more regarding how Maya’s open-heart surgery went on Wednesday, and the family is clearly receiving a lot of love and support as they navigate this difficult process with their baby girl.

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