Fans Blast Cory Wharton Amid Taylor Selfridge’s Pregnancy

Cory Wharton

MTV Cory Wharton announced on Instagram that he would become a father for the third time.

Not everyone had kind things to say when “Teen Mom OG” star Cory Wharton revealed he was going to be a father for the third time.

The former “Challenge” star issued a lengthy statement when he revealed his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, was pregnant with their second child.

Wharton, 30, shares a 5-year-old daughter, Ryder, with ex Cheyenne Floyd, and he and Selfridge are parents to their 1-year-old daughter, Mila Mae.

While plenty of people congratulated the couple on Selfridge’s pregnancy, some social media users remembered when Wharton was accused of having an affair.

A Woman Said Wharton Sent ‘D*** Vids’ to Her While He Was With Selfridge

The woman, known as Samantha, made the accusation in October 2019 when Selfridge and Wharton announced her first pregnancy on Instagram live.

As noted by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Wharton had been following the woman on social media up until she made the accusations.

“Should I be like ‘Was she pregnant while you tried hooking up with me while you were in Buffalo?” the woman wrote, according to The Ashley. “Or when you sent me d*** vids, or when you wanted me to come to NYC and come to your hotel room?”

It’s a rumor fans on Reddit didn’t forget.

“Cory is the Tristian Thompson of the franchise,” said one of the most popular comments, referring to Khloe Kardashian’s ex cheating on her while she was pregnant.

“Why is it these peoples goal to pop out as many babies as possible by men who cheat on them?” a social media user asked.

One person assumed that a line in Wharton’s post — “I don’t know too many people to put up with me for as long as you have” — alluded to rumors of his cheating.

“has anyone known someone who DOESN’T cheat to ever say this? I wanna be wrong so bad,” they said.

Wharton Said His Children Make Him Better

Wharton started the pregnancy announcement by sharing that he and the baby might have the same birthday, June 8.

“We will welcome a new member to the family! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my 31st birthday,” Wharton wrote. “Each one of my kids have continued to push me into making me a better man, so I know you’re gonna do the same.”

“Throughout the years the satisfaction I get from raising my two lil girls is unmatched . The joy that they bring me, the excitement is unmatched. I truthfully feel like God has put me in a position that I’m so lucky & blessed to be in,” he continued. “As a kid my dad wasn’t able to be around, and I feel like that’s why I try and give you girls EVERYTHING that I have.”

Wharton dedicated one line to his partner. “Taylor, I don’t know too many people to put up with me for as long as you have 😂 but no seriously, I love you bby & I can’t wait to start this adventure with you and continue to build this family up,” he said.

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