‘Teen Mom’ Star Debra Danielsen’s New Video Leaves Fans ‘Stunned’

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Former “Teen Mom: OG” star Debra Danielsen left fans speechless after she posted a TikTok of her wearing sheer black lingerie on Monday, May 1. The MTV star modeled her new look as she delivered a message about empathy to fans. 


Shine bright when you share #empathy #love and #happiness and dance to my Side Hustle vibe

♬ Side Hustle (Mak’n It) – Debra Danielsen

“Remember to have empathy and then you will be like the stars shining brightly in the sky,” she said in the May 1 video. 

Debra’s song “Side Hustle (Mak’n It)” played in the background of the video. 

Fans Left ‘Stunned’ By Debra’s Post

Debra’s post caught the attention of fans who rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“No words,” one TikTok user wrote. 

“And she was too stunned to speak 😂,” a second user commented.

“You’re killing it Debs 🥂,” a third user added.

“She looks amazing though,” a fourth user wrote. 

“What is happening?” a fifth user wrote to which Debra replied, “Positive vibes 🥰.”

Where Does Debra Stand With Her Daughter Farrah Abraham?

Fans were first introduced to Debra as the mother of teen mom Farrah Abraham. Farrah’s rocky relationship with her mom was captured on her episode of “16 and Pregnant,” which aired in June 2009. The “On My Own” singer went on to star in a “16 and Pregnant” spinoff titled “Teen Mom,” where fans continued to watch the ups and downs of her relationship with her mother. 

Debra recently spoke about her relationship with her daughter Farrah in an interview with the Instagram account “Teen Mom Fanz.” Debra shared that she currently is not in contact with Farrah or her 14-year-old granddaughter, Sophia. 

“I wish I could speak to Farrah,” she said. “I miss Sophia and I would do anything to see her. Times are rough but I know God will prevail in the end.” 

Debra and her daughter have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the years. In 2010, the mother and daughter made headlines after Debra was arrested on charges of “domestic assault” following a verbal argument with her daughter, TMZ reported.

Court officials told TMZ that Farrah “accused Debra of choking her and hitting her.”

When cops arrived at the scene, they arrested Debra after “observing multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah’s lips,” the outlet reported.

According to E! News, Farrah later dropped the charges against her mother.

In later years, Debra and Farrah gave fans an inside look at their relationship when they appeared on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 8 – Family Edition” in 2017 alongside Debra’s husband, Michael Danielsen. 

In a 2017 interview with E! News, Farrah said the show helped improve her relationship with her mom. 

“I believe our relationship has gotten better,” she told the outlet. “I feel personally happier and better for my daughter so that really matters to me.”

Is Debra Still on ‘Teen Mom?’

Debra left the “Teen Mom” franchise in 2017 after her daughter chose her adult film career over the reality show, Us Weekly reported. She later returned to the franchise for a cameo in season two of the spinoff “Teen Mom: Girls Night In” in 2022. She appeared in scenes with fan favorite and fellow “Teen Mom” grandma Barbara Evans. 

In Debra’s interview with “Teen Mom Fanz” she thanked viewers for their support.

“Please let them know I love them and appreciate all their support,” she said. “Also glad the show is making it easier for all the girls to know each other and to support each other.” 

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