Teen Mom: Devoin Austin Calls Out MTV on Instagram

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Devoin Austin has concerned fans.

“Teen Mom 2” star Devoin Austin caught fans’ attention earlier this week after he slammed MTV on his September 23 Instagram story.

Here’s what you need to know:

Devoin Austin Calls Out MTV

According to The Sun, the 30-year-old started the rant by posting a photo of a black screen with text that read, “Y’all want some tea?”

Devoin then expressed his frustration with the network, telling fans that MTV refused to pay his parents “a decent penny” for an appearance on “Teen Mom: Next Chapter.”

“So I attend Nova’s birthday party…MTV [was] there per usual. All of 2 seconds went by since I walked thru the door and I’m approached by people who I never met asking me to mic up…like dude laxxxx,” he explained on his story, The Sun reported.

Devoin said he declined to put on the mic, citing past treatment by MTV as the reason.

“Of course me being me. And after how they [MTV] been doing me…I said uhhhh na! Not [right now] (meaning never bih), so the party goes on. Everyone has a good time…we all leave,” he told fans, according to The Sun.

The “Teen Mom” star then revealed that Briana DeJesus, with whom he shares his daughter Nova, contacted his parents after the party, according to The Sun.

“Briana hits my parents up to link up and discuss me? (I don’t think she ever hit them up in Nova’s 11 years) also, they requested [that I] not [be] present and [said] it’s going to be recorded,” he told fans in his story.

“So I know this is something cooked up by MTV…not genuine. So my father insists that I be present bc wtf?” he continued.

Devoin ended the rant by calling out MTV for not paying his parents enough money for filming.

“After that’s settled…They then can’t even agree to pay my parents a decent penny…seeing that they did several scenes for the freeski,” he told fans, The Sun reported.

“Like [come on man]…don’t try [and] play with me,” he continued. “This is my real life. I’m good being kept off camera…Don’t try [and] record me when y’all 4 weeks into the season and HAVEN’T EVEN INTRODUCED ME TO MY PRODUCER.”

Devoin Feels Neglected by MTV

Devoin’s recent Instagram rant isn’t the first time the MTV star has expressed his frustration with the network.

According to The Sun, Devoin took to Instagram in December 2021 to complain about the network after a “Teen Mom” fan site neglected to tag him in a post promoting the upcoming reunion special. The Sun reported that he reacted to the snub by slamming MTV in his Instagram story, telling producers “f*** you,” and threatening to reveal behind-the-scenes secrets.

The “Teen Mom” star failed to notice that the fan account was not associated with MTV or the show, but that didn’t stop Devoin from letting fans know how he feels about the network.

“I spend two weeks in a f*** ahhh hotel recording for this series, they don’t even follow me (or) tag me,” he said in a December 2021 Instagram story, The Sun reported.

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