Devoin Austin Concerns Fans with Instagram Message

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Devoin Austin has concerned fans.

“Teen Mom” star Devoin Austin has left fans concerned after seeking “help” on his Instagram Stories.

On June 9, Briana DeJesus’ baby daddy wrote over a blank background, “I need help. Mentally. Spiritually.” To date, he has no posts on his page.

The last fans heard from Austin was in May, when he, once again, took to his Instagram Story to accuse MTV of doing “unprofessional s**t.”

In the Story, he wrote, “Count on MTV to do some unprofessional s**t. Play with yo b**ch. Play with yo mama, but don’t play with me.” The post was obtained by a “Teen Mom” fan account, @teenmomchatter2, as seen above.

In the comments section of the post, fans speculated why Austin was so upset with the network. One person wrote, “Probably wants to film for that $$$$$ & MTV said nvm, we are filming Jenelle in FL 😂 jk lol. Maybe he needs to ask his bestie to started marketing his business a little better.”

Another user weighed in, “If he’s mad they filmed Briana’s party he should realize Briana getting filmed=money for Bri to support his child.”

And another wrote, “i think mtv was supposed to film with him then they bailed to go film the party but never told him, straight wasted his time.”

This isn’t the first time Austin has expressed frustration with the franchise. In December 2021, he called out MTV producers, telling them, “f*** you,” and threatening to expose behind-the-scenes secrets after he thought they did not tag him in a promotion video for a reunion special.

In his Instagram Story, Austin said, “Ever since I been working with the c**n a** network, they never tagged me in s***, don’t give me none of my credit.”

However, he failed to realize that the account that did not tag him was not MTV, but a fan account that is not associated with the network or “Teen Mom.”

In his Instagram Story, Austin had previously said, “I spend two weeks in a f*** ahhh hotel recording for this series, they don’t even follow me (or) tag me.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Accused Austin of Slurring His Words While With His Daughter

In March, “Teen Mom” fans accused Austin of having “slurred speech” in an Instagram video with his daughter, according to The Sun.

The outlet reported that DeJesus’ and Austin’s daughter, Nova, and DeJesus’ other daughter, Stella, whom she shares with ex Luis Hernandez, were having a sleepover at Austin’s house.

He recorded the trio exiting his home holding a red solo cup. According to The Sun, one person commented on the video, “Anyone else think he’s slurring his words just a tad?” Another wrote, “I hope he not drunk again.”

Some, however, were quick to come to Austin’s defense, with one person writing, “you must not watch this show. That’s literally how he talks lol.”

Days Prior, Austin Had Taken Nova & Stella on a Dinner Date

Just days before this Instagram video was posted, ironically, fans expressed support and admiration for Austin for taking Nova and Stella on a dinner adventure.

According to The Sun, a clip that is no longer active showed Austin watching the girls playing with toys and drawing at the dinner table. At one point, per the outlet, he asked Nova about her drawing, “This you? Why your arms so long?” Nova simply replied, “Stretching.”

The tongue-in-cheek caption to the video was “On a date. Kinda nervous.”

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