Farrah Abraham’s Cryptic Message After Selling Poo ‘Slime’

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham shared a cryptic message after her arrest.

“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham shared a post about “karma” after her arrest on January 15.

Abraham was charged with misdemeanor assault — according to  Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records — and is due in court on May 19.

Abraham also faced rumors that she was selling feces in a jar on OnlyFans, a claim that Abraham refutes.

The cryptic quote, originally posted by @goddess_in_her on January 24, was posted by Abraham on February 5.

“Karma is gonna hit some of y’all real hard for breaking people who had nothing but good intentions for you,” the post reads.

The person who runs the account added the caption: “You have been warned. When it happen, just tek like a G. Mawning 🌞 mi good people.” Abraham shared the emojis “🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌” in the comments section.

On the same day Abraham shared that quote, a Teen Mom fan page discovered she was selling “poopie slime” for $9 as a toy on her website.

Trolls — and some of Abraham’s co-star’s — mocked Abraham for selling feces. During a discussion with a fan on Twitter, “Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones referred to Abraham as “the one that s**** in a cup on camera for money.”

Abraham Denied Selling Feces

In a Twitter “space” statement, Abraham denied that she was selling her feces in a jar on OnlyFans, saying the video going around — which looked like that was what she was doing — was just a joke.

“And just for the record, I’ve actually never s*** into a jar and I’ve never s****** anywhere,” she said on January 11, four days before her arrest. “Would say it’s a hazard to probably do [so].”

The star then told two bizarre stories that happened to her when she was younger that made her terrified of feces, including one that involved a dirty gas station and another that pertained to a woman wiping her excrement on the wall in front of Abraham when she was younger.

“I think talking about this today has helped me even understand how much I’ve grown talking about the subject of poop. Wow,” she said at the end of her statement. “I’m not really shocked or mortified by poop. Thank God. Yeah. Let’s celebrate that.”

Abraham Returned to ‘Teen Mom’ For ‘Family Reunion’

Despite being fired by MTV in 2017 for her work in the adult entertainment industry, Abraham returned to the network for the “Teen Mom” spinoff series, “Family Reunion.”

Unlike the other cast members, who started filming together on the first day, Abraham made her appearance after everyone else had already gotten to know each other.

Jones told MTV cameras that she could sense Abraham’s arrival. “I feel a demonic presence,” she said. “It’s creeping up on me.”

“Teen Mom OG” star Gary Shirley, who has attended reunions with Abraham in the past, also talked to the cameras about her late entrance.

“All of a sudden I see this very familiar face coming around the corner and my eyes adjusted a little bit and I knew who it was,” he said.

Jones later claimed that she and Abraham get into a fight during “Family Reunion.”

“I can’t wait till y’all see Farrah tell me about how I should keep my legs closed #teenmomfamilyreunion,” she tweeted on January 29. “Actually I tried to kick her in the face but …. Mtv edited that out.”

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