Farrah Abraham Accused of Impersonating Her Child, Sophia

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham was accused of pretending to be her daughter online.

Fans on Reddit accused “Teen Mom OG” Farrah Abraham of pretending to be her daughter, 12-year-old Sophia, online. The accusations swirled after Sophia posted a lengthy defense of her mother following Abraham’s controversial episode on “Family Reunion,” a “Teen Mom” spinoff.

Sophia drowned her mother with praise in the post, shared to Instagram, but fans were dubious that Sophia was the one who wrote the message.

A discussion about the topic on Reddit garnered scores of comments from concerned fans. “Baby Goo, I mean Farrah posted on Sophie’s Instagram,” the original poster wrote, sharing photos of Sophia’s rebuttal to MTV.

“There’s so much wrong here, but one thing that isn’t related to Farrah impersonating her daughter on social media is how sad it is that people are leaving inappropriate comments on a child’s Instagram account,” one person wrote.

“I feel terrible for Sophia, Farrah is disgusting,” another person said.

“There is something really unsettling about reading these social media comment exchanges between a mother and daughter. How false, orchestrated and heartbreaking Sophia thinks this a normal mother/daughter relationship,” they wrote.

Sophia Abraham Slammed MTV & ‘Teen Mom’

Abraham faced allegations of racism after she called co-star Cory Wharton “ghetto.” Abraham blamed MTV for the scene and said she was quitting the franchise for good.

“My mom deserves to surround herself with better people, better work surroundings, and I never want to be associated with bad people like this,” she said.

Sophia continued, “These hateful people don’t even deserve to be in my moms eye sight. No one should be treated like this for over a decade. I’m her blessing out of this show and the rest of the show is in shambles. Our lives our far greater than this show.”

Abraham praised her daughter for the support. “SOPHIA I love you, I’m grateful God gave me you! It breaks my heart the struggles we go through because of this show and thank you for writing this but you did not need to waste your time on this facade of a show,” she wrote in part of her response under Sophia’s original message.

Abraham Said She’s Going to Treatment

After fighting with MTV over “Teen Mom” and various people who shared a video where Abraham talked about defecating in a jar, the star said she was ready to go to treatment to get her mental health in check.

Her declaration came at the end of a tirade against Barstool Sports, who wrote a story about Abraham’s “joke.”

“I’ve had enough damage on my life and I’ve already said to stop and take it down. I’m filing a lawsuit today and I hope @Barstoolsports shuts down. If you don’t have a law degree don’t be a failed journalist,” she wrote on Instagram and shared to Twitter. “I’m checking to trauma treatment program and I’m tired of this. Keep things in context and get consent.”

She then promoted her new toy, Farrah Abraham’s “poopie slime.” It’s selling on her website for $9.  According to her, it’s “top-rated.”

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