Farrah Abraham Entering Treatment as More Scandals Unfold

Farrah Abraham

MTV Farrah Abraham has had enough.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Farrah Abraham is telling people to “cease and desist.”

Abraham, 30, revealed her plans to enter treatment for “trauma” after threatening Barstool Sports with legal action for writing about a “joke.” Abraham claims she wasn’t serious when she said she was selling her “poop” in a jar.

“@barstoolsports if you do not delete all of your misogynistic, patriarchy, hate crime, defamation ‘Back door teen mom’ titles down in association with my name I’m filing a law suite,” Abraham wrote via Instagram stories on February 11. “I’ve gone to sex therapy from the sex tape bulls*** I went through, I’ve said enough about my reality and I’ll be damned if you wish to bully me, manipulate who I am, retaliate, defame, and continue to share illegal content I own and mislead people.

“I’ve had enough damage on my life and I’ve already said to stop and take it down. I’m filing a lawsuit today and I hope @Barstoolsports shuts down. If you don’t have a law degree don’t be a failed journalist. I’m checking to trauma treatment program and I’m tired of this. Keep things in context and get consent.”

Abraham pinned a copy of the message to the top of her Twitter account.

The video of Abraham in question was originally posted to OnlyFans. The bio of her OnlyFans pages threatens legal action against anyone who shares her content.

Abraham Also Threatened a TikToker

Barstool Sports wasn’t the only one in Abraham’s sight. The former MTV star also went after a TikTok user who shared the video where she talks about mailing her excrement to people.

“To the mom who hates on moms & is ignorant with watermarked content of mine clearly in her video and goes against laws. Your not a creator. I hope the million views you got from my joke of a video I own is worth the lawsuit you can’t afford,” she said in a now-disappeared Instagram Story. “Pathetic mother – pathetic actions. Cease & desist your harassment for your own families sake. Why do this to yourself!!!!!!”

Abraham Was Arrested & Battled Racism Allegations

Aside from threatening to sue people who talk about and share her OnlyFans content, Abraham has had various incidents unfold publicly in recent weeks.

She was arrested on January 15 outside a rooftop bar in Hollywood, California. Abraham was accused of hitting a security guard and was charged with misdemeanor assault, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records. She’s due in court on May 19.

Abraham denied the allegations and said she was the one who was attacked.

When Abraham made her anticipated return to “Teen Mom” for the “Family Reunion” spinoff, she called co-star Cory Wharton “ghetto” after he confronted her, asking why she said he and ex-girlfriend Cheyenne Floyd would have a baby just to get on “Teen Mom.”

Floyd was upset Abraham used the word “ghetto” when talking to Wharton, who is Black.

And Floyd wasn’t the only one who found a problem with it. Fans rallied behind her, with some people accusing Abraham of racism. 

After the episode aired, Abraham didn’t issue an apology. Instead, she said she was quitting “Teen Mom” for good.

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