Gary Shirley Shares Rare Picture of Amber Portwood & Wife

Amber Portwood

MTV Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have a rocky history.

“Teen Mom OG” star Gary Shirley posted a rare picture to Instagram that showed his wife, Kristina Anderson, and his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, hugging.

The trio has had a tumultuous relationship. Portwood insinuated that Shirley was inappropriate with her in January 2021. Portwood also went on an Instagram rant in September 2021, where she called Anderson a “whore” and a “homewrecker.”

Shirley and Portwood share one daughter together, 13-year-old Leah. Anderson and Shirley also have a daughter, 6-year-old Emille. And after her relationship with Shirley, Portwood went on to welcome James, the 3-year-old son she shares with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

It seems as if the blended family has been able to work through their problems. Anderson, Shirley and Portwood go together for lunch with James, according to his post on Instagram.

“Everyone needs a hug sometimes, So grateful for Kristina! Actually, I think we’re all grateful for @kristina_shirley3 we gotta see James and @realamberlportwood1__ , just had some good ole Sammies. And now time to take a break. #sendinggoodvibes,” he wrote.

It wasn’t clear if Emilee and Leah also attended the get-together.

Fans Celebrated Anderson on Social Media

While “Teen Mom” viewers can sometimes be divided, a majority of social media users agreed with Shirley and praised his wife.

“Kristina is a QUEEN 👸🏻💖,” one of the most popular comments on Shirley’s post said.

“You and Kristina are beautiful people,” another person wrote.

Another social media user referred to Anderson as “selfless.”

“I hope she is taking care of her self mentally and physically as much as she takes care of others ! I’ve learned the hard way of not doing so !” they said. “You can see how awesome she is by how Leah talks about her and is protective of her.”

Fans on Reddit had a different take. Some people called Shirley “cringe” for posting the photo in the first place.

“Lol this pic is not giving off the wholesome vibe Gary was going for,” one person said. 

“Lol Amber looks so suspicious here! 👀” another wrote. 

Anderson Publicly Denied Portwood’s Accusations

Anderson defended herself on “Teen Mom OG” after Portwood went on her “homewrecker” Instagram rant.

“Apparently, your baby mama has gone on Instagram rants again. This time attacking me for probably 45 minutes. I’m totally ignoring it but I got called some names,” Anderson told Shirley during the episode. “I’ve been called a whore, a homewrecker — things that aren’t true.”

Shirley stood by his wife. “Obviously, you’re not either of those, I mean she knew. I told her,” he said. “Six months before she got out of prison I said I met someone and she knew.”

Portwood went to prison in January 2012 on drug-related charges, Us Weekly reported. She was released after serving 16 months behind bars.

Shirley suspected Portwood attacked Anderson because she’s jealous of the relationship Anderson has with Leah, who lives with her father and stepmother — not Portwood.

“Obviously, Leah doesn’t want to be around her so she’s attacking the person Leah does want to be around. It’s nothing personal. It would be anyone who was in your shoes,” he said. “That’s why. That’s what it is. I just hope Leah doesn’t see or hear about it.”

In later episodes, Leah said she didn’t want to talk to her mother because she hurt Anderson, her stepmother.

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