Amber Portwood Puts an End to Relationship with Ex’s Wife

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MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood stopped the interview after Dr. Drew said she started a "sh*t storm."

Teen Mom OG stars Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood confronted each other on part one of the season nine reunion amid their deteriorating relationship. Amber stormed off the stage when she got called out by host Dr. Drew Pinsky for starting a “sh*tstorm” after she went on Instagram live and eluded to Gary acting improperly when they were alone. Amber then launched a verbal assault on Kristina Shirley, who she said was “absolutely horrible.”

She killed any chance of them having a relationship moving forward. “Gary, I appreciate you. You know it. We’ve known each other for how many years? Fifteen years now, and I’m going to tell you right now, you are a great person,”  Amber said, getting up from the couch.

“You said I could trust you, and I did trust you,” she continued. “But I can’t trust your wife… She has got in the way of me and my daughter, over and over and over again.”

Gary tried to defend his wife but Amber wasn’t interested. “I’m going to end this on a positive note. Thank you, Gary, so much for that. I really enjoyed seeing that. That was amazing to actually hear you sticking up for me, but your wife is absolutely horrible at it,” she said. “I really hope in the future we can have a good relationship, but me and Kristina … it’s not going to be like that.”

It wasn’t clear what Amber was referring to, considering Kristina has been shown to be a caring stepmother to Leah. When the 12-year-old said that she sees Kristina as her real mother, she cautioned her stepdaughter that she was only a “bonus mom” and Amber was her true mother.

Gary Denied Being Inaprorpirate With Amber

Earlier during the reunion, Gary explained that he once went over to Amber’s house to comfort her, where he hugged her for 10 or 15 minutes.

“I literally felt that he was trying to be genuinely nice at first and it turned into touch here and a touch there and it was feeling a bit off,” Amber told Dr. Drew. “He even said to me 100 percent don’t tell Kristina that I’m doing this.”

Gary said he would never want to be with Amber romantically. He maintained that he loves Kristina and if he didn’t want to be with his wife, he wouldn’t want to be with Amber either.

“The way I feel is… I care about Amber,” he said. “I have a wonderful wife that I absolutely love. If I wanted somebody else other than my wife it wouldn’t be Amber.”

Fans previously got a sneak peek at this major blowup when MTV released a teaser that showed Amber calling Gary’s wife Kristina Shirley an “absolutely horrible” person. Gary just laughed off her accusation.

The exes had been getting along up until season nine, but Amber’s fractured relationship with her 12-year-old daughter Leah led for Amber’s connection with Gary and his wife to also disintegrate.

How Gary & Amber’s Feud Started

It started back in February with Amber claiming Gary was a cheater during one of her Instagram rants, which has since become a weekly occurrence for the Teen Mom OG star.

“Homewreckers? OK, you know what? Gary, if you and Kristina are so happy, then why don’t you tell her about how many times you had called me up and talked about sexual encounters that we used to have,” Amber, 30, said during the rant, claiming the encounter was witnessed by a Teen Mom producer. “How many times did you sit there and say, ‘Oh, you’re missing big daddy?’”

“I mean, there’s even an incident where I was super, super sad, you’re the one who sat on the couch, grabbed me, laid down and forced me to lay down on you, put your arm around my waist underneath my boobs and started rubbing on my head,” she continued. “The producer knew about that — the old producer, because this was before — he walked in on it and then he walked out because he left his coat.”

“You’re two-faced,” the 30-year-old added in another rant. “And your wife’s two-faced, saying that I’m like a teenager, I’m like a teenage daughter.”

While she claimed that Gary was improper with her, Amber maintained that she never acted on his flirtations. “I would never do anything inappropriate, guys,” she said. “I’m happy!”

Everything Boils Down to Leah

Things between Gary, Amber and Kristina had been fine up until Leah decided to pull back from her mother. She was disappointed after Amber canceled one of their visits, and was hurt again when Amber didn’t show up to her birthday party at Gary and Kristina’s house. Amber claimed that it was “fake” and that Leah would understand why she didn’t show up when she was older.

Amber wanted to spend alone time with Leah, but it’s not something the 12-year-old wanted with her mother. “I know personally I’m not ready to do anything one-on-one yet,” Leah told Gary during an episode of Teen Mom OG. “I don’t actually know when I’m going to be ready to reach out. For me, that would probably look like her coming over and maybe get ice cream. I just know that I don’t really ever want to stay the night or anything like that.”

She doesn’t consider Amber to be her mother. “I’ve grown up with the fact that Kristina is my mom,” she continued. “Being a mom isn’t like ‘Oh my God I just gave birth to this child. I’m a mom.’ It’s taking care of that child and like actually being the mom of that child.”

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