Jenelle Evans Future With ‘Teen Mom’ Decided

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans attends the MTV Video Music Awards.

Controversial “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans has revealed her future with the franchise that put her on the map.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jenelle Evans’ Manager Reveals She Won’t Return to ‘Teen Mom’ & ‘Has a New Dynamic Series in Development’ Instead

According to Evans’ manager, August Keen, who spoke with TMZ, Evans will not be returning to Teen Mom next season, despite the show wanting to make it happen.

The outlet reported that the “two sides could not reach an agreement on a contract” and Evans will be moving “on to bigger and better things in the reality TV world.”

Keen told the outlet that “MTV wanted to sign Jenelle to an exclusive deal,” but he says “it would have limited other career opportunities for Jenelle.”

Those other opportunities appear to be a new show.

The outlet reported that Evans “has a new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now” and Evans confirmed as much on Twitter.

“Thank you so much!,” Evans replied to a fan who congratulated her on the new show. “I appreciate your kind words! Keeping my motivation going.”

Evans Took Aim at a Blogger Teasing a ‘Break Down’ of the ‘Actual Truth’ Behind Her New Show: ‘Old News, That’s Not What’s Happening’

Evans took aim at a blogger who hinted that they were going to break down “the Jennelle TMZ story” and reveal the “ACTUAL truth” about her future. That breakdown hasn’t been published yet.

“Let me guess @TheAshleysRR is going to report about an old project I put together that I put on the back burner for months to put myself first. Old news, that’s not what’s happening,” Evans tweeted shortly after the news of her new show was made public.

The same blogger replied to a comment on the original TMZ tweet when asked if there was “any truth” to the report of a new show.

“So Jenelle has been sending ‘dynamic new ideas’ for shows to teen mom producers for years. They would ignore her. But recently they were trying to get her on TMFR. But no network has picked up Jenelle’s ‘new’ show from what I hear,” the blogger tweeted.

Several fans commented on the response.

“It sounds like she is really banking on whatever this new show is and has a manager that’s encouraging her,” someone tweeted. “But seems like if it doesn’t work out mtv may be waiting in the background for her to change her mind.”

“For sure they were trying to get her on or is that from her? Got to kinda question that…..,” another fan wrote. 

Several fans wondered about her husband David Easton’s involvement in the negotiations.

“David is going to ruin on can’t she has. Even if she gets the TV program he’s going to ruin it for her. Just like he always has,” someone pointed out. 

A fan wrote, “I thought the producers ‘ghosted her’ or ‘uninvited’ her after she brought up David. Has that changed? Or is David one of the reasons she doesn’t go back to mtv.”

“She’s never going to give up David’s involvement,” a fan pointed out. “She doesn’t realize his past makes him uninsurable. The dog killing, the pistol whipping, other violent tendencies—he’s literally not worth the insurance it would take to have him anywhere near it.”

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