Fans React to ‘Grown Up’ Video of Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace

Jenelle Evans

Getty "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans posted a new photo of her two youngest children, Kaiser and Ensley.

“All grown up!” Former “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans caught the attention of fans on Wednesday, March 15 after she posted a TikTok that featured her thirteen-year-old son Jace.

The video consisted of Jenelle taking fans through the process of her sons, Jace and Kaiser, getting braces.

The video ended with Jenelle saying, “Hopefully, this fixes Jace’s overbite and Kaiser’s underbite.”

“Teen Mom” fans could not believe how grown-up Jenelle’s eldest son Jace looked in the video.

“Jace looks so grown up!! 🥺,” one TikTok user commented.

“Look at Jace! So grown,” a second user wrote.

“Jace has some dirt on his top lip,” a third user commented, referring to Jace’s lip hair. “How did this happen?! He’s just a baby.”

“Jace should not have facial hair growing!😭,” a fourth user wrote.

“Jace is so grown and handsome,” a fifth user chimed in.

Who Is Jace’s Dad?

Fans were first introduced to Jenelle Evans in 2010 on the hit MTV show “16 and Pregnant.” At the time of filming, Jenelle was pregnant with Jace and dating high school boyfriend Andrew Lewis. After Jace’s birth, Andrew said he would be present in his son’s life but the former model has been mostly absent since 2009.

In 2019, Jenelle got a blast from the past when a “Teen Mom 2” producer approached her with news that her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis had reached out to production.

“I have to tell you something,” a producer told Jenelle. “Andrew has been getting in contact with me. He wants to see Jace.”

Jenelle said she was reluctant to let Andrew back in her son’s life.

“I do feel bad because that’s Jace’s dad. But I know how he is, and I don’t want him to disappoint my son,” she told a producer during the episode.

Later in the episode, Jenelle and her mother got on a phone call with Andrew where they expressed their reservations about the situation.

“You’re hitting me out of the blue, nine years have gone by and all of a sudden you’re contacting me,” Barbara told Andrew, People reported. “I know in the past you’ve had a drinking problem. I gotta see you. Maybe I can come to New York and meet you alone and make sure that everything’s OK and I feel that Jace is safe around you.”

Barbara did end up going to New York to meet Andrew but she was stood up by the former model.

“This will be the last time I ever make an attempt to come see you again,” she said. “To stand me up is just wrong.”

Jenelle Said Andrew Drank ‘A Lot’ When They Were Together

In Jenelle’s 2017 book “Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom,” she revealed  that her ex drank “more than he should.”

“He did drink, a lot,” she wrote, In Touch Weekly reported. “I mean, I like a beer every now and again, but he stayed wasted most of the time. At 16, I thought that was so cool. He drank more than he should, and I thought it was so adult and fascinating.”

The MTV star also said she felt controlled by her ex, writing, “We had to talk when he wanted to talk, no matter the odd hours. We had to go out when he wanted to go out. We did what he wanted to do.”

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