Jenelle Evans Says She Recently Experienced ‘the Scariest Thing’ in Her Life

Jenelle Evans.

Heavy/Getty Jenelle Evans.

Teen Mom” personality Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to share she went through a frightening experience.

On February 25, Evans uploaded an Instagram Story that showed her resting her head on a pillow with her eyes closed.

“Still sick but the scariest thing in my life just happened last night and still processing it all,” wrote Evans.

While Evans did not share the exact details of the incident, she told her fans she would provide more information at a later date.

“I’ll share soon but I can’t believe that happened,” continued the 32-year-old.

Jenelle Evans’ Estranged Sister Gave Her Opinion About Rumors Regarding Her Marriage

In Touch Weekly reported that rumors have circulated that Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Easton, have separated. In an interview with the publication, the MTV personality’s estranged sister, Ashleigh Evans, shared her thoughts on the matter. Ashleigh Evans stated that she thinks “Jenelle is doing a publicity [stunt] even if she does get rid of her husband, David, and ask Marissa, her stepdaughter, to move out.”

“I do believe that if she does get back together with David after the court date, she’s not capable of taking care of her kids [on] her own,” said Ashleigh Evans. “And even if she does well and gets rid of David, I do believe that she’s going to continuously continue the same type of toxic behavior because my sister, Jenelle, [has] always been the same prior to David and her entire life.”

Jenelle Evans Shared News About Her & Her Husband on TikTok

In Touch Weekly reported that Jenelle Evans’ eldest child, Jace made “accusations of assault toward” Easton. According to the publication, Easton “was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in October 2023, and indicted in January [2024].”

On February 15, Jenelle Evans stated that “all allegations against [her] and [her] husband have been officially dropped” on her TikTok account.

“CPS [Child Protective Services] took a voluntary dismissal. And I wanted to be the first to let you guys know,” said Evans in the February 15 video.

She stated that while she did not plan to publicly share the news, she “need[ed] to control the narrative.” In addition, Evans stated that “now that this case has been dropped, [she is] focused on Jace’s mental health.” According to In Touch Weekly, Jace has tried to run away from home several times.

In a February 16 TikTok video, Evans explained why she used the term “control the narrative” in her previous upload.

“This is kind of like an entertainment term for, I would say agents or managers that are trying to — they know a leak is about to come out and they’re like, ‘Oh no what do we do? We’ve got to control this before it gets switched into a negative light,'” said Evans.

She explained she wanted to address the situation because she “knew a leak was going to be made and an article was about to be posted.” She stated that she was concerned the article would be negative.

Jenelle Evans Has Been Sharing Videos of Her Eldest Son

Evans has been sharing videos of her eldest son interacting with her other children, Kaiser and Ensley. For instance, she uploaded a February 19 TikTok video that featured her making ramen with her three children. In the video, Jace tried to teach his sister how to use chopsticks.

Several fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share they appreciated the upload.

“I love seeing you all so happy 🥰🥰🥰,” wrote a commenter.

“I love seeing you all together can’t believe how big they are all getting… beautiful god bless,” added another.

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