Kail Lowry’s Ex Accuses Her of Orchestrating ‘Drama’

Kail Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kail Lowry was accused of stirring up drama by one of her children's fathers.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry was accused of stirring up drama for her storyline by one of her children’s fathers. Kail lashed out at ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez after he was asked if he was going to appear on season 11 of Teen Mom 2. The father-of-two loosely threatened legal action against MTV, which caused Kail to defend the network. Now, Chris is claiming that Kail is the one who is stirring up drama so her storyline will appear alluring.

Up until Kail called Chris “ridiculous,” Chris said things were going well with his ex. “We were doing good up until this weekend. We were doing wonderful. Just a bunch of nonsense,” he said on his podcast, “P.T.S.D,” per The Sun.

“My kids’ mom tries to go out and make it into something that it’s not,” he continued. “I didn’t even really make it into a big deal.”

“Next thing you know we got a whole 10-slide… shots thrown at me. Y’all start drama because your show coming out. It’s so corny,” Chris added. “People ain’t gonna talk about how we were just getting along. Because it don’t go with their story. They can’t tell you, ‘Oh, I just invited him kayaking’. We look dumb. When the family going against each other, we look stupid.”

As shown on Kail’s Instagram page, she went kayaking during the first weekend in May. “Such a good weekend,” she wrote. “Just made a kayak highlight on my IG profile! I’ll add more as I do more adventures!”

Kail and Chris have two children together: 3-year-old Lux and 8-month-old Creed. She’s also the mother to 7-year-old Lincoln and 11-year-old Isaac.

Kail Said She Was Involved in Domestic Violence

During the premiere episode of season 11, Kail disclosed that she was in a toxic relationship and experienced domestic violence. She didn’t name Chris specifically, but in September 2020 she was arrested during a custody exchange. Chris alleged Kail punched him and she was charged with “offensive touching.” Kail maintained her innocence and the charges against her were ultimately dropped.

“I think there’s a lot to be said that I haven’t really talked about in a relationship where domestic violence is there and where it’s really toxic,” she said.

Kail had moved to Middletown, Deleware to be closer to Chris when they were on better terms, but things didn’t work out. Cameras caught a bittersweet moment Kail when she officially sold her house.

“I’m done. I could literally cry from the relief,” Kail told her friend. “I know you understand, but nobody else will understand what happened in that house. I had such good intentions there like I really did.”

Kail’s Exes Don’t Want to Appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’

Chris isn’t alone in not wanting to show his face on Teen Mom 2. Kail’s ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and ex-husband Javi Marroquin had previously been the main focus of her segments, but they no longer want to be shown on the series.

“I think this season I tried really hard to kind of keep a lot of things private, only because none of my kids’ dads really want to film,” Kail explained to Us Weekly. “So I tell my story kind of without a whole lot of that, but we’re doing OK.”

Don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV to find out what happens next.

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