Fans Speculate Javi Marroquin & Ex Are ‘Still Together’ After Instagram Picture

Javi and Lauren

Instagram/Javi Marroquin/Lauren Comeau "Teen Mom 2" star Javi Marroquin is battling breakup rumors after ex-wife Kailyn Lowry accused him of trying to cheat on fiancee Lauren Comeau with her.

Fans are curious if “Teen Mom” star Javi Marroquin may be dating his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeau, once again, after the pair posted a photo together on Marroquin’s Instagram Stories, according to The Sun.

In the snap, which is no longer active, Marroquin and Comeau posed for the pic with their son at the NBA Finals. People were curious if the outing meant they had rekindled their relationship.

According to The Sun, one person wrote, “I hope she didn’t go back to this little troll. Lauren huneyyyyyyy just use him like how he used you!”

Another added, “I had no idea they were still together. How could anyone stay with Javi after watching the show?”

Others, however, weren’t so sure that it meant the two had gotten back together.

“I don’t think they are together, but this is not about coparenting either…it’s toxic and damaging, especially to those kids involved,” they said, per The Sun.

Another wrote, “I have a feeling if they were back together neither of them would post it on social media. This is just them coparenting if I had to guess.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Comeau’s Relationship With Marroquin

As fans will recall, Comeau recurred on “Teen Mom 2”.

These days, according to Life and Style Magazine, she works as an independent consultant for Arbonne and now lives in Delaware with the former couple’s son, Eli.

Comeau and Marroquin met in 2017 at a wedding– Marroquin previously told In Touch amid their on-and-off relationship, “I’m trying to get Lauren back, and then, Briana came out, but it’s fine. I never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw Lauren, I definitely did. I’m hoping Lauren and I can figure this out because she made me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

They got back together in 2018. In May of that year, they announced that Comeau was pregnant.

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Cheating Claims

In January 2021, per In Touch, Comeau accused Marroquin, her ex-fiancé at the time, of cheating on her with his ex, Kailyn Lowry.

Marroquin subsequently released a statement to In Touch that read, “While I have tried to avoid a he said/she said situation [by] staying quiet, the accusations Lauren made against me this afternoon on Instagram are false… My only focus right now is creating healthy coparenting relationships with both Lauren and Kail for the sake of my boys and bettering myself.”

In an Instagram Live video, per the outlet, Comeau then told her followers, “I’ve always known people have been against me and Javi, people have wanted to see us break up our whole relationship and now that it’s finally here, it’s just like, where did those three years go? People can move on with their life, their relationship gets better and I’m just here to pick up the pieces with my kid, stuck here with no family or friends,” Lauren continued. “So if anyone sees Javi driving around in a black Suburban, you’ll know why I’m crying today.”

In April, Comeau and Eli vacationed to Cancun, Mexico. She captioned the Instagram, as seen above, “In my momma feels tonight.”

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