Details About Leah Meser & Jaylan Mobley’s Breakup Plus How She Got the House

Messer and Mobley

MTV uch more information about why Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley suddenly split has emerged,

Much more information about why Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley suddenly split has emerged, thanks to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. 

The first bits of information came from The Sun, who reported that Mobley cheated on Messer, and TMZ, who said Mobley was moving out of the home.

Now, further details about the cheating allegations have come forward, as well as an explanation for Messer staying behind in the home they once shared. And there’s much more to the story other than Mobley might have been unfaithful.

So why has Messer been so quiet about the situation? She signed an NDA, an insider told The Ashley.

“He did everything he could to keep Leah from going public with the story,” a source told The Ashely. “Jaylan does not want the full story getting out there.”

Messer told MTV producers that she couldn’t talk about the breakup because she was legally gagged.

“She filmed a few times about the breakup, once with a friend and once with Jaylan, but the only thing Leah was allowed to say on-camera was that she signed an NDA and couldn’t really discuss it,” the source told The Ashley, who confirmed with another source that Messer talked about the MTV while filming.

Why Messer Got The House Even Though It’s in Mobley’s Name

The situation about the $500,000 West Virginia house has been confusing to fans ever since they got it. Mobley said on Instagram that he bought the home for Messer, but In Touch Weekly confirmed that the house was only in Mobley’s name.

“He agreed to sign the house over, on the condition that Leah sign an NDA and not discuss the reason behind their breakup,” an insider told The Ashley. “As long as Leah agrees to keep it quiet, legally everything will move forward to her having the house in her name only.”

Why would anyone agree to this deal? The house was never a surprise, like the way Mobley “presented” it, a source told The Ashley. Messer actually put money into the house for a down payment, but it had to be in Mobley’s name because she owes more than $450,000 in tax debt, as The Sun and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup previously reported.

Messer Needs to Get Her Taxes in Order

In order for Messer to get the home in her name, she needs to handle her tax debt.

“His name will still be on the deed until she can refinance the house in her name only, but she has to take care of her tax debt before she can do that,” the source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Once she does that, she can take his name off. This was all part of the agreement they made and it was done legally through an attorney.”

That doesn’t mean Messer’s going to be paying Mobley the money for the home. The source said Messer will be paying the bank directly, the source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Although Messer has been quiet about the reason for the split, she threw some subtle shade at her ex when she posted a TikTok. She asked her friends to film themselves taking a plate away from her ex, and let’s just say they didn’t do it kindly.

“That’ll mf do it 🎬🤣,” Messer wrote as the caption.

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