Leah Messer’s New Photo Has ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Concerned: ‘She Looks Swollen’

Leah Messer Jaylan Mobley

MTV Some "Teen Mom" fans noticed something different about Leah Messer on the November 15 episode of "The Next Chapter."

Some “Teen Mom” fans noticed something different about Leah Messer on the November 15 episode of “The Next Chapter.” Leah sat down with her girls to talk about Roe v. Wade being overturned in June, taking away the Constitutional right to abortion.

Without federal guardrails in place, the states are allowed to decide if abortion is illegal or not. In Leah’s home state of West Virginia, Republican Gov. Jim Justice prohibited abortions from being performed at all stages of pregnancy in September. At the time, Justice said his bill “protected life.”

Some fans were more concerned with Leah’s appearance than what she was talking to her daughters about. “Teen Mom” shared a clip from the November 15 episode on their Instagram page, which is where the discussion went down.

“I wonder if she got work done to her face???” one person asked on Instagram. 

“Of course she did and looks a complete swollen mess might I add,” another answered.

“What is she doing to her face?” a third person asked.

Some people said Leah was “talking different” too.

Leah Claims She Never Had Any Cosmetic Enhancements

In the past, Leah has denied going under the knife. She attributed the difference in her appearance to lifestyle changes.

“I have not had surgery peoplesss,” she tweeted in October 2020. “ However, I have most definitely done a 180 on how I choose to diet and live my life. & I feel like it finally shows!  My extensions are out, and I lightened up on the eye makeup too.”

“Btw, this pandemic is the reason why I no longer have extensions,” she added.

That doesn’t mean Leah is opposed to all enhancements.

“Not saying that I’m not all about some fresh botox either… Girl. Be. YoU! Do You!” she continued. “When is the next Botox party? I’m coming!”

Leah joked about having a Botox party with Chelsea Houska’s dad, Randy, after he stopped by her comments section. “Come on up to South Dakota, I can help ya out with that,” he tweeted.

Ali & Aleeah Were Quiet During Their Mom’s Talk

While Leah was trying her best to educate Ali and Aleeah about women’s rights, the twins remained mostly silent during the conversation.

At one point, Leah asked them what they can do to preserve women’s rights, and Aleeah said to protest. Leah agreed that was a good answer, but she tried to prompt them to give a better one, which was for them to vote.

“I feel like I’ve done my best to educate you guys the best way I could,” she said. “I think at the end of the day we don’t do everything perfectly but we’re doing our best to make sure that you guys do better than what we did.”

Leah told Ali and Aleeah that she didn’t want them to have children at 16 as she did.

“You guys know, you’re three years away from when I was when I had you guys,” she said. “That scares me every single day because I would never want you guys to experience the same.”

“I want you guys to be able to pursue your education, pursue your dreams and what you’re passionate about before having much responsibility at a young age,” she added.

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