Mackenzie McKee Pictured With Husband Josh After Cheating Scandal

Mackenzie McKee

Instagram/Mackenzie McKee "Teen Mom" Mackenzie McKee accused her husband Josh of cheating on her, again, months after her mother died from cancer.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee accused her husband Josh of cheating on her, again, months after her mother Angie Douthit died from cancer. Angie had advocated for her daughter and son-in-law to stay together, saying it’s what would be best for the children. After Mackenzie accused Josh of having an “emotional affair” with her cousin, the couple split up again. Rumors they had reconnected started to surface after the Oklahoma native relocated her family to Florida–and Josh started to appear in some of her social media pictures and videos.

Last week, Mackenzie showed a video of her family–including Josh–getting ready for church. The clip starts out with everyone in their loungewear. After she drops her phone, everyone is ready to go to mass. “Had a wonderful Sunday morning,” she captioned the update.

The video garnered more than 18,000 likes and dozens of comments, where fans tried to figure out if Mackenzie and Josh were working on their marriage again. “I thought you guys were getting divorced,” one of the top comments read. “Everyone hating because Josh is actually willing to change for her and your man isn’t but you’re still with him.”

She posted a picture of herself with Josh on Instagram, titled “mom and dad,” but dismantled all the comments. The photo amassed nearly 44,000 reactions from her 1 million followers.

Heavy reached out to Mackenzie for comment to verify if she and Josh had reconnected, but did not immediately hear back.

Mackenzie Accused Josh of Cheating on Her With Her ‘Close Cousin’ Ashley

In posts that were quickly deleted, Mackenzie launched a social media attack at Josh in May, where she claimed he was having an emotional affair with her “close cousin” Ashley Johnson after looking through his text logs. It was the third time she accused him of cheating.

As shown on Teen Mom OG, Josh was distant while Mackenzie grieved the loss of her mother. But things started to not make sense for Mackenzie when she realized Josh was working late all the time and going on fishing trips that continued until 3 a.m.

When she decided to look through his text messages, she realized he was texting another woman “hundreds” of times a month, starting the month after her mother died. The conversations were happening when he was “working late” or “fishing.” She later discovered the woman was her cousin.

“Obviously, [it was] another affair,. My family will never be the same and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her.”

I have cried until my eyes were swollen shut. I am in utter shock. I’m now opening my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been. He has been a lie. And how can you watch your wife lose her mom and make these decisions?

I’m sad for my kids, I love Jesus and I loved my family. People have tried to tell me for years Josh doesn’t love me and I just made excuses for him.

This Wasn’t The First Time Josh Was Unfaithful

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Salt water, vitamin D, exercise, and laughter 🌞

A post shared by Mackenzie (@mackenziemckee) on Oct 2, 2020 at 1:48pm PDT

Mackenzie has been open about Josh’s struggle to stay faithful during their marriage. They both admitted to cheating on each other before they got married, and then eloped hoping it would fix their trust issues.

“We got married not forgiving each other yet,” she said on a September 2019 episode of Couples Court with the Cutlers, as noted by People.

“You have to love yourself and you have to work on yourself,” she continued. “And if it’s meant to be, you’re going to find your way back to each other.”

One month before the episode aired, however, Mackenzie revealed she was taking a break from her marriage after Josh cheated for a second time. “I am deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you,” she wrote on Twitter in August.

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