‘Teen Mom’ Star Reveals ‘Freaky’ Home Invasion Incident

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“16 & Pregnant” star Nikkole Paulun is opening up about a recent home invasion incident on her Instagram Story, adding that it has triggered her mental health struggles.

Paulun told her followers on June 30: “So somebody messed with our house the other night, and it has seriously triggered my PTSD like crazy. I did not sleep at all last night. And we don’t know who did it. We don’t know if it was a stranger or if it’s somebody who knows us.”

She continued, “Um, it’s just like, really, really freaky. I don’t have many things that trigger me anymore because I don’t live alone and because my ex is in prison, so I feel like this safety net there.”

While discussing her ex, she added that he once broke into her house, explaining, “so things like this really really trigger me and make me feel super on edge and just like nervous.”

Paulun’s ex and baby daddy’s name is Josh Drummonds. Together, they share son, Lyle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Josh Drummonds Is Serving Time

Drummonds was arrested and charged with assault in 2018 after police say he attacked a public servant and attempted to confiscate a weapon from an officer, according to the Galveston County Daily news.

The outlet reported: “Drummonds was in the hospital after a suicide attempt and was waiting to be transported to a Houston psychiatric hospital for evaluation, according to the complaint. The hospital did not have any rooms available and didn’t have a date when he could be taken, according to the complaint.”

In 2021, Paulun took to her Instagram Story, once again, per The Sun, to discuss Drummond’s jail time.

“I woke up to so many messages asking me what happened to Lyle’s dad. He’s not dead. I had a lot of those questions. He’s been in prison since 2017 and he’s not expected to get out until 2026. So Lyle was seven-years-old, the last time he’s seen his dad.”

She continued, “It can be frustrating to hear [Lyle] tell me he misses [Drummonds}. But I do my best to treat these feelings with kindness and respect.”

Paulun’s Michigan Home

Today, Paulun is married to Kyle Ledda.

Paulun just recently began sharing updates the couple made to their Michigan home. On June 16, Paulun shared a number of pictures to her Story that showed her marble white bathroom.

She wrote, “Eeek! Finally got a stool so I can do my makeup/hai at my vanity.”

At another point, she shared what looked like a near replica design of the bathroom, which is what she showed her designer for inspiration.

In May, Paulun featured her large walk-in closet on social media– once again on Instagram Stories. The long room included a full mirror on one side and a carpeted floor. “It’s not ready,” she informed fans in the post.

She continued, “This morning’s project: finish putting the play room together. I plan to add wall color, a rug, and some bookshelf in the coming months.”

On June 5, in a tribute to her family, Paulun wrote, “Who has been here since the beginning? I didn’t even share our relationship on Instagram until we had been together for a year and a half! I wasn’t going to embarrass myself or put my relationship through scrutiny until I was SURE that this was really the one. We started dating in 2017, announced our relationship (publicly) in 2018, moved in together in 2019, engaged AND married in 2020, had our baby boy in 2021, and moved into our forever home one 2022! I wonder what 2023 will have in store for our family?”

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