‘Teen Mom’s’ Nikkole Paulun Admits to Drinking Her Own Breast Milk

Nikkole Paulun

Instagram Nikkole Paulun poses for Instagram.

Why is “Teen Mom’s” Nikkole Paulun drinking her own breast milk? To stay healthy and clear of Covid.

On August 29, the reality star tweeted, “Covid has me drinking my own breast milk praying it gives me antibodies. I’m on day 4 of being sick.”


New evidence suggests that a mother’s milk does help fight against Covid, according to findings from the University of Rochester Medical Center. In fact, the study found that breastfeeding women are not at risk of transmitting the coronavirus through their milk.

Earlier this year, researchers investigated 37 milk samples from women diagnosed with Covid-19. As written in the findings, “None of the milk samples were found to contain the virus, while nearly two thirds of the samples did contain two antibodies specific to the virus.”

While the study was conducted with the intention of clarifying whether Covid-positive mothers should be separated from their newborn babies, it does support Paulun’s claim that high levels of antibodies have been found in breast milk.

News that the “Teen Mom” star is drinking her own breastmilk comes on the heels of Paulun admitting that her daughter, Ellie, 6, was taken to urgent care with a 102 fever. According to The Sun, Paulun made the announcement in an Instagram story from August 26, which has since been deleted.

Paulun wrote on the social media platform, “Ellie woke up this morning with a 102.7 fever & cough so I took her into urgent care to get checked out and she’s positive for Covid. The rest of us feel fine so far but I’m absolutely terrified of the baby getting sick.”

Paulun added, “We’ve got her quarantined to her room and keeping her away from the baby. Any advice? The doctor didn’t give much and I’m freaking out.”

Paulun Gave Birth to Her Son In July 2021

Paulun gave birth to her son, Bodhi, in July 2021.

She shared the news on Instagram, stating, “Introducing our beautiful rainbow boy, Bodhi John Ledda aka Bo Bo! We went to the hospital Wednesday morning at 6 am to be induced and I was still only dilated to a one.”

The post continued, “We are so in love & so happy to share this little guy with you all.”

Last year, the reality TV alum suffered a miscarriage. She made the announcement on Instagram just days after revealing she was engaged.

The Instagram post read: “We were so excited to announce that we were having a baby but unfortunately we found out it no longer has a heartbeat. Please keep us in your prayers. If you’ve had a missed miscarriage + a D&C id love to talk to some people who’ve gone on to have a successful pregnancy. I’m so heartbroken and so scared for the future.”

Fans Sent Well Wishes to Bodhi

Fans have reached out to Paulun, wishing her and her family warm wishes and a safe recovery.

On Twitter, one person recently wrote, “Get better soon.”

A second commented, “I hope Bodhi is doing okay.”

The only tweet Paulun has uploaded since writing about breast milk pertains to coronavirus. On August 30, Paulun asked her followers, “If you’ve had Covid how long did it take you to get your smell & taste back?”

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