Farrah Abraham Calls Out ‘Teen Mom’ Fans And Dyes Her Hair Black

Farrah Abraham

Getty The former "Teen Mom" star did not like what people had to say.

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham lashed out when she was criticized by fans. Abraham was met with the backlash when she dyed her hair black, saying goodbye to her platinum locks after nearly three years of bleaching. Abraham accused people of being “jealous” and “haters.” She also denied having plastic surgery on her face.

Abraham, 31, started the conversation by making a video on Instagram where she said people could not steal the content she shares on Instagram. “I do not give consent,” she said.

Abraham maintained her look because of a filter, not surgery.

“P.s to the people who have bad eyesight and can’t read. I use my Farrah filter that I love, that’s not plastic surgery or anything else,” she said. “Please educate yourselves and manage your unmanaged minds. Love my Farrah filters ! That’s why I make them to use them… genius I know 😂.”

Abraham advised people online to seek therapy.

“Awhhhh the haters are upset 😢 I would be to abiding by the law is rough … to bad your not tough 😂 the joke of surgeries for filters is a joke of emotional abuse,” she continued. “Please use betterhelp.com for therapy if you don’t have insurance. Best 🔥.”

Fans Accused Abraham of Aging Quickly

The former “Teen Mom” star didn’t like when one fan said she was looking older.

“Wow you look so much like your mom now. The surgeries are aging you quick quick,” the person wrote.
Abraham maintained she was using a filter — and her appearance was not altered with cosmetic procedures.
“Dddly you commented on a filter about surgeries … the stupidest online attack I’ve ever read in my life because ppl are upset I have subscriptions and they don’t,” she said in the comments section on Instagram. ‘Honestly thank you all for showing yourself how much personal work you all need to do. Go focus on yourselves and stay off the internet so you can figure out what self care is.”

Abraham Debuted Her New Look on TikTok

The first time Abraham showed off her raven locks was on TikTok, where the video has garnered more than 1.7 million views.

The clip started out with Abraham’s 14-year-old daughter talking to the camera.

“OK guys, I have a big reveal,” Sophia says. “Mom was really mad at her blonde hair last night and she woke up a whole new person. So, this is the new mom.”

“Hi, Sophia,” Farrah says to the camera.

“It’s giving emo,” Sophia adds.

Abraham didn’t say why she decided to go darker, but in June she left a one-star review at an Austin, Texas hair salon. She accused the stylist of being a “fraud” who charged her nearly $3,000 for extensions that fell out in a matter of days.

“She couldn’t match color my hair to the extensions she installed improperly as half the Extentions feel out with in 1 week, when I went back to have her redo the Extentions and color she couldn’t communicate with hair dreams even though I wrote down exact amounts, colors,” Abraham wrote on Yelp.

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