PHOTO: Kailyn Lowry Posts New Snap of Grown Up Isaac

Kailyn Lowry

Getty The kids of "Teen Mom" are getting older.

Former “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry shared a new photo of her eldest son, 12-year-old Isaac Rivera.

Isaac wore a brown leather jacket, gray T-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. “Sibling episode tomorrow for @babymamasnodrama,” Kail wrote as the caption for the photo.

Kail promoted a new episode for one of her podcasts, “Baby Mamas No Drama.” She asked her fans to send questions to Isaac and his half-sister, 7-year-old Vivi. Isaac and Vivi have the same father, Jo Rivera.

Kail and Vee Rivera, Isaac’s stepmother, were able to start “Baby Mamas No Drama” after having a rocky start to their relationship. Jo has been married to Vee since 2018 and they started dating in June 2011 when Isaac was 1.

Lowry Had ‘The Talk’ With Isaac

On the November 8 episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama,” Vee and Kail talk about having the reproduction conversation with their children. Even though Vivi is only 7, she’s interested in learning about where babies come from.

Kail remembered being interested around that age, but her mom, Suzi Irwin, told her if she prayed hard enough God would give her a sibling. The former “Teen Mom” star joked she’s traumatized by her mother’s advice, saying she prayed “so hard” for a sibling and never got one. Kail said it was horrible advice for parents to give their kids.

“Suzi, if you’re listening, it f***** me up for life,” Kail joked.

Vee told her daughter that babies come out of your vagina and she was impressed.

Kail’s kids also know about reproduction and understand that a baby grows inside a women’s belly.

Isaac had a little confusion when he learned that women have “three holes” and that the babies come out of the vagina and not the butt hole. Kail had previously said she “s*** out” her kids because “Lux came flying out like a bat out of hell so I would be like I pooped him out” and he took that literally.

Kail Is Open To Having a Sex Talk With Isaac

Since Isaac is 12 now, Kail said she made it clear that she will talk to him about any questions her son might have. Isaac, however, blew her off and said he was too young and didn’t want to talk to his mom about anything.

Kail learned that the middle school in their district didn’t have any sex ed classes.

Kail thinks that parents and the school should work together on talking to their kids about sex. Vee said it’s hard for a lot of parents to talk to their kids about sex since they’re their “babies.” And other parents might make mistakes when it comes to telling their children the right information.

Kail said her mother never talked to her about sex.

In an interview with Yahoo Life!, the former “Teen Mom” star revealed she only had one sex ed class.

“The only thing I remember from that class was seeing pictures of STDs in the textbook,” she told Yahoo! Life. “I don’t remember seeing a birth video or anything like that.”

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