‘Teen Mom’ Stars Respond to ‘Secret’ Dating Rumors

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“Teen Mom” stars Kailyn Lowry and Vee Rivera recently responded to rumors that they are in a secret romantic relationship. Lowry and Rivera co-host the podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama” together and have developed a strong bond since launching the show in the fall of 2020. Their close relationship has led fans to speculate that the pair may be romantically involved.

The duo addressed the rumors in a video posted to the official “Baby Mamas No Drama” Instagram page. In the video, Lowry and Rivera are seen laughing hysterically with a text blurb over their heads that reads, “When people say we’re not co-parenting but actually dating.” The co-hosts captioned the post, “Just badass co-parenting mamas over here,” putting an end to the relationship rumors.

Fans React to Kail & Vee’s Post

“Teen Mom” fans commented on the video to express their thoughts on the dating rumor and compliment Kailyn and Vee on their healthy relationship. Vee is currently married to Kailyn’s ex Jo Rivera with whom she shares her eldest son Issac. The former couple has struggled to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship over the years, but Kailyn’s close bond with Vee has made the process easier.

One fan commented on the post praising the duo for making the best of their situation, writing, “I absolutely love the vibe between you guys! Set the bar high for women in this exact situation. We don’t have to hate each other! We can all be friends and make money together! Everyone wins most importantly the babies.” Another Instagram user commented, “I love you guys together!! If all baby mama relationships could be like this.”

Kailyn Lowry on Her Relationship With Vee

Kailyn and Vee haven’t always been on good terms. In fact, when Kail first met Vee in 2013, she had some not-so-nice things to say about her co-host. According to In Touch Weekly, Kailyn bashed Vee in a season 4 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” stating that she looked like “a hood rat.”The drama escalated between the two during the season 4 reunion when Kailyn confronted Vee about a video she posted online of her smoking a blunt. Kailyn even went as far as to say she wouldn’t trust Vee to be around Issac.

Since then, Kailyn and Vee have found a way to turn their feud into a friendship. In a sneak peek of the “Teen Mom 2” season 10 reunion, released by In Touch Weekly, Kailyn reflected on her relationship with her “Baby Mamas No Drama” co-host.

“I think it’s more of like, we grew up together. So we had to mature. So we kind of just put our drama and BS aside and now we’re really good friends and now we’re able to work together. So, I don’t know. I’m excited though,” Kailyn said in the sneak peek.

Kailyn even attended Vee and Jo’s wedding in September 2018. The “Teen Mom” star posted a picture from the wedding of her and ex Jo Rivera with their son Issac on Instagram with the caption, “what a great wedding.”

She even clapped back at fans who criticized her for attending the wedding.

“Y’all really expect me to still be bitter about Jo & Vee. We’ve come a long way since we were 18,” she wrote in a September 2018 Tweet. “I couldn’t ask for a better stepmom for Issac. Literally cried tears of happiness for them last night. That’s fam,” she continued.

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