Tyler Baltierra Speaks Out After Surgery

Tyler Baltierra

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Tyler Baltierra had some serious words for "pathetic" men who encouraged their partners to get their "tubes tied."

“Teen Mom OG” star Tyler Baltierra had some serious words for “pathetic” men who encouraged their partners to get their “tubes tied,” also known as tubal litigation, so they wouldn’t have more children in the future.

His wife, fellow “Teen Mom OG” star Catelynn Lowell Baltierra, revealed her partner underwent a vasectomy on May 6.

The couple has four daughters together: Carly, 12; Nova, 7; Vaeda, 3, and 8-month-old Rya Rose. They placed their eldest child, Carly, for adoption in 2009 when they were 17 years old, as documented on MTV’s “16 & Pregnant.”

While the couple had been vocal about their wish to have a baby boy, the Baltierras decided that four kids — three of whom they are raising in their Michigan home — were enough for them.

Baltierra underwent surgery to curb any future children, but he said he was in awe of Lowell for carrying and delivering their daughters.

Lowell shared a video of Baltierra icing his nether regions on Instagram and TikTok. “[Tyler] took one for the team 😂❤️😜,” she wrote.

Baltierra said his wife was the real MVP in the family.

“If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU! Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips! Once I figured out what the song was though, I was dyyyiiinngg lmao I love you!!! 😂💀” he wrote on Instagram.

Baltierra Said Men Who Didn’t Get Vastecomies were ‘Selfish’

Baltierra then laced into men who refused to get a vasectomy.

“But on another note…I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me!” he said. “Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man…you deserve better!”

The Michigan father-of-four added at the end, “(Thank you for coming to my tedtalk) hahaha! 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️.”

Baltierra received praise from fans in the comments section, garnering over 8,100 likes and dozens of responses. Many people said they would like to receive updates from Baltierra on how his recovery was going. Some people wrote they were sad that the couple would not get the baby boy they hoped for.

The Baltierras Decided to Stop Having Kids When They Turned 30

Baltierra and Lowell made the decision to stop growing their family back in May 2019.

“By the time we’re 30, we’re done. He’s getting fixed, that’s it,” Lowell told Us Weekly at the time. “I already told him.” Baltierra agreed with his wife, with Lowell remembering him say: ” ‘Yeah you’re right, you did carry all my kids and have to go through labor, so. [I’ve] got no choice!’”

The couple decided they wouldn’t continue to have children for the sake of having a boy. “If we’re meant to just have girls, I guess that’s what we were meant to have! I’m not going to have like, six, or seven kids – no thank you,” she told Us Weekly.

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