‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers on Suitor Returning for Charity Lawson Emerge

Charity Lawson

ABC Charity Lawson cries as "The Bachelorette."

Previews for Charity Lawson’s “The Bachelorette” season have teased juicy developments that come during the last few dates before the final rose ceremony. The mid-season trailer, which was released on July 13, confirmed that in the midst of Lawson’s overnight dates, she faces a difficult moment with someone unexpected. Spoilers have emerged revealing details on that returning bachelor and his attempt to reunite with Lawson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Charity Lawson Eliminates Aaron Bryant, but He Returns

During his July 27 podcast, Reality Steve broke down all the biggest spoilers for Lawson’s “The Bachelorette” ending. As Bachelor Nation fans have seen, Lawson chose to take Aaron Bryant, Xavier Bonner, Dotun Olubeko, and Joey Graziadei on hometown dates. According to Reality Steve, “Aaron gets eliminated at hometown dates.” After that elimination, Lawson and her final three men travel to Fiji for the remaining dates and the final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve’s “The Bachelorette” spoilers indicate the three overnight dates were filmed with Bonner’s taking place first, Graziadei’s second, and Olubeko’s last. The Bachelor Nation blogger noted, however, that these dates are not always shown in the same order when the episode airs. “In between Joey and Dotun’s dates is when Aaron shows back up and asks for time with Charity,” Reality Steve revealed.

In his column from June 26, Reality Steve shared spoilers he had put together as of that point in time. He believed Bryant received an overnight date, and dismissed the rumors that he had been eliminated after hometowns. He also brushed off the theory that Bryant showed up in Fiji to try to win Lawson back. He knew Bryant did not win Lawson’s final rose, but it took a bit more time for him to determine that Bryant did not get an overnight date in Fiji after all. In his July 18 column, Reality Steve made the correction regarding when Bryant was eliminated.

Bryant’s Plea for Another Chance Is Rejected by Lawson

As “The Bachelorette” previews have shown, Lawson will be surprised in Fiji while she’s with producers by the resort pool. According to Reality Steve, “That’s Aaron’s arrival.” He added, “She does meet Aaron later on that night for a ‘date,’ they just don’t have an overnight. She does not take him back.”

Reality Steve also revealed that Lawson eliminated Bonner at some point during the overnight date process. He noted he was not sure, though, whether the elimination was before or after a night in the Fantasy Suite. That left Olubeko and Graziadei as Lawson’s final two suitors, and “The Bachelorette” spoilers from the blogger indicate Lawson departed Fiji happy with her final rose recipient.

As for Bryant, Reality Steve also revealed that the eliminated suitor did not wallow for long after Lawson sent him packing a second time. Spoiler tease that he joined season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which started filming soon after “The Bachelorette” filming ended.

While Reality Steve was not able to confirm the spoilers regarding Bryant’s elimination and return to “The Bachelorette” until July 27, there had been signs of his elimination earlier. A Reddit post from April 29 shared a photo of Bryant with some other “Bachelor Nation” guys celebrating a birthday, and he would not have been home from filming by then if he had received Lawson’s final rose.

In addition, on April 25, “The Bachelor” subreddit shared a video taken by someone in Fiji that showed Bryant filming as well. ABC has teased this big, mysterious return for much of the season, and “The Bachelorette” fans will watch it play out over the final episodes leading up to Lawson’s final rose ceremony.