‘The Bachelorette’ 2023 Spoilers Reveal Final 4 Men

Charity Lawson Final 4

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelorette" spoilers reveal Charity Lawson's final four men!

The 2023 lead for “The Bachelorette” is Charity Lawson and big spoilers regarding her season are starting to emerge. Season 20 does not debut until June 26, but filming has already progressed to the point where Lawson is about to film her hometown dates. That means her final four men have been chosen, and spoiler king Reality Steve has shared the scoop on which families she will meet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Charity Lawson’s Hometown Dates Are Starting to Film

On April 11, Reality Steve took to Instagram to share details on Lawson’s final four men. In his morning podcast, he acknowledged he had gathered some information on Lawson’s picks, and he expected to receive more soon. It turned out, he only needed a few more hours to pin down which four bachelors of Lawson’s “Bachelorette” season would be introducing their families to her in the coming days. However, he did have to make a change in his spoilers a few hours after initially releasing Lawson’s supposed final four men. While Reality Steve originally believed Tanner Courtad was one of Lawson’s final four, he has since altered that. His updated “Bachelorette” spoilers indicate Courtad did not get a hometown date. Instead, that spot went to Xavier Bonner.

According to Reality Steve’s “Bachelorette” spoilers, Lawson chose Xavier Bonner, Joey Graziadei, Aaron Bryant, and Dotun Olubeko for her final four men. Graziadei’s hometown date was slated to be the first to film, on April 11, with Bonner’s happening on April 13. Bryant would be third, on April 15, and Olubeko gets the last hometown date on April 17.

Bonner, 27, is based in North Carolina. Bonner’s LinkedIn page reveals he studied physics, computer science, and mathematics as an undergraduate student at Morehouse College. He started working on a doctorate degree in biochemistry and biophysics in 2018 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and it appears his studies are ongoing. He has had summer internships at Princeton University, Stanford University, and Emory University over the past few years, as well.

Graziadei, 27, is currently based in Koloa, Hawaii. He may be based in Hawaii now, but Graziadei’s LinkedIn page reveals he went to high school and college in Pennsylvania. “The Bachelorette” contestant lived and worked in Hawaii on and off over the past few years, and Graziadei lived in Nashville, Tennessee briefly, as well. Given that he grew up in Pennsylvania throughout his teen years, it may be that his hometown date will be filmed there as well.

Lawson’s Last 2 Men Are Currently Based in California

Bryant, 29, currently lives in San Diego, California, according to a tweet from Reality Steve. Bryant’s LinkedIn profile reveals he went to college at Tulane University, in Louisiana, and worked in New Orleans in the early years of his career. He’s been in California working in sales since 2018, and in March, he became a licensed real estate broker/sales agent as well.

Olubeko’s Instagram page indicates he is a California guy. “The Bachelorette” contestant’s LinkedIn page details he attended California State University at Chico and later earned a master’s degree in functional medicine and human nutrition from Oregon’s University of Western States. Reality Steve noted via Twitter Olubeko is 30 years old, and he currently is a fitness coach.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have not yet revealed a solid frontrunner among these final four men. Some “Bachelorette” fans, however, are already rallying for their early favorites. Little is known about Olubeko, but spoiler photos from Lawson’s dates have already generated enthusiasm for him. He is not necessarily the runaway favorite at this point, though.

“I’m shallow, but Dotun is the hottest and they looked so damn good in those photos on their date someone shared here. Rooting for him,” quipped a Redditor on “The Bachelor” subreddit.

“Nice looking group of men, but I hope she picks Dotun,” added another.

“Charity seems to have good taste, hopefully they [are] all genuine,” someone else noted.

“Its weird because I agree with the small group of people who think Tanner’s F1!! We can’t explain why and have no proof but we still think it’s him LOL,” commented a different Redditor.

“My money is on Joey as F1,” countered another “Bachelorette” fan.

Which of these four men will earn Lawson’s final rose, and likely become engaged to her? Reality Steve will probably have spoilers on that big question shortly after filming ends and “Bachelorette” fans will be eager to watch it all play out beginning June 26.

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