Arie Luyendyk Returns From Filming Mystery Show, Teases ‘It Was an Experience’

Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Getty Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk attend White Fox Boutique Swimwear Launch Of 100% Salty at Catch.

“The Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk, Jr. has returned home to Arizona after filming another reality television show. He took to his Instagram Stories on May 24 to reveal a few details, but he admitted there was not much he could share yet in terms of specifics. However, he shared enough to generate some buzz and fans will be eager to learn more.

Here’s what you need to know:

Luyendyk Admitted the Time Away Was Difficult

In his now-expired Instagram Stories, Luyendyk noted he had not been allowed to talk to his wife, Lauren Burnham Luyendyk. “That’s the longest time we’ve ever been apart,” he noted. “So, it was difficult, but I’m home and I’m really, really happy to be back with everybody,” the former “Bachelor” added. As for the show itself, Luyendyk told fans that he didn’t even know where to start.

“It was an experience, let’s just keep it at that because I’m not allowed to say more,” he explained. While Luyendyk could not tell people much about the show he filmed, he did say, “I cannot wait for you guys to see this project and to see the show when it comes out.” Although it has not been confirmed yet, the buzz is that Luyendyk is on the cast of the upcoming Peacock show “The Traitors.” He reassured everybody that “I’m definitely going to share more when I can.”

He Missed His Kids Deeply, While He Was Gone

After noting he was back and sharing his vague teasers about the new show, Luyendyk shared a few cute glimpses into his time reuniting with his kids. He went to peek at his sleeping twins and noted, “missed my sweet babies so much.” He also said, “They have gotten so big since I left!”

Luyendyk was gone for several weeks to film the new reality television show, and he had to go with no updates on the kids during that time. As People noted, Senna and Lux were born in June 2021, and the couple’s older daughter Alessi was born in May 2019, according to Bachelor Nation. Given how young the twins are, it’s easy to see why “The Bachelor” star may have felt he missed out on some developments during his time away.

Fans Speculate About Luyendyk’s Success on the New Show

At this point, Luyendyk cannot even confirm that the show he filmed is “The Traitors” as is rumored. Despite that, fans are buzzing over the rumored cast list and speculating on how Luyendyk may have done. “Definitely getting the vibe that he didn’t win lol,” one person noted on Reddit. “I’m going to be rooting for Cirie, sorry not sorry Arie,” someone else declared, referring to “Survivor” show veteran Cirie Fields, another rumored contestant.

It appears most of the other rumored reality television veterans cast on “The Traitors” have already returned to social media. Some started posting on Instagram days ago, such as Brandi Glanville, “Big Brother” star Rachel Reilly, and former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Ryan Lochte. “Big Brother” personality Cody Calafiore returned to Instagram on May 21, whereas Fields has not been back on Instagram yet. Peacock has not revealed a premiere date for “The Traitors” yet, but reality television fans will be eager to learn more.