‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Shares Gender Reveal After Announcing Pregnancy

Jared Haibon Ashley Iaconetti Gender

Heavy Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti are expecting another boy.

A“Bachelor in Paradise” couple recently announced they were expecting a baby, and now they have revealed the gender of their upcoming family addition. Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti already have one little boy, Dawson, and they admitted they were hoping for a girl with their second pregnancy. Did they get the news they wanted?

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Are Expecting Another Boy

On February 23, Haibon and Iaconetti shared a pre-taped gender reveal on her Instagram page. The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars shared it first via an Amazon Live segment.

The pair filmed the gender reveal at Disney World with Dawson in January. They noted in text on the video they found out their baby’s gender on January 17.

The pair had cupcakes with either blue or pink frosting inside. They hoped to have Dawson bite into the cupcake as Haibon held him to reveal the gender. However, Dawson was not into the idea.

When Haibon asked Iaconetti if she thought it was a boy or a girl, she noted she was nervous. She added that she initially thought it was a girl, “But now I think it’s a boy as of today.” Haibon said he thought the baby was a girl.

Finally, both Haibon and Iaconetti bit into separate cupcakes and discovered blue frosting inside. Her eyes got wide as she exclaimed, “A boy???” Haibon threw his head back and jokingly declared, “We are so f*cked.”

Then, Haibon leaned over to kiss his wife and said, “Congratulations!”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Haven’t Settled on a Name Yet

Iaconetti explained that before getting pregnant with this baby, she was convinced they would end up with two boys. Once she was pregnant and found herself feeling far less sick than she was with Dawson. With that, she shifted her mindset and felt certain they were expecting a girl.

She mentioned the gender disappointment she experienced when she learned Dawson was a boy. Iaconetti admitted she is a little disappointed she will never have a daughter, as the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars insist they won’t have more children.

However, Iaconetti noted she really doesn’t care what combination of genders they end up with as long as the two kids are close to one another.

The couple also told fans they have not decided on a name for their second son, yet. They knew they would use the name Dawson long ago, and Iaconneti noted they used their second favorite boy name, Dmitri, as Dawson’s middle name.

Haibon noted that Iaconetti likes Dominick, which is also her father’s name. He said he likes the name, but admitted it reminds him of “Dominick the Donkey.” He likes the name Ethan, but Iaconetti immediately jumped in to say they would not use that one.

A fan suggested Tom since the duo loves Tom Cruise and Tom Brady so much. Haibon said they’ll get a golden retriever someday and name him Tom, rather than their baby. Brady was another suggestion, after the football star, but they used Brady as a second middle name for Dawson.

Other potential names Iaconetti mentioned in polls on her Instagram Stories included Landon, Logan, Dominick, Ethan, Jesse, and Carter. The baby is due to arrive in late July, and “Bachelor in Paradise” fans will be eager to see what name they end up choosing.