​​‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2022 Spoilers for Episode 16: Finale & Reunion Special

Bachelor in Paradise cast

YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC The season 8 cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" reunites.

Only two couples remain going into the conclusion of the “Bachelor in Paradise” two-night finale event.

“Put a ring on the most chaotic, twisty Paradise finale ever,” ABC teases in one of its latest promos.


The remaining two couples are:

  • Brandon Jones and Serene Russell
  • Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller

“It’s a night full of shocking confessions, surprises and special guests, as the cast reunites for the first time since Paradise to rehash this season’s most dramatic moments,” according to the episode description. The reunion promises to address some of the season’s biggest scandals and love triangles.

Will anyone get engaged? Are they still together? Here is what you need to know:

Did Brandon Jones & Serene Russell Get Married in Paradise?

Brandon Jones has made no secret of his plan to get on bended knee in the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale, proposing to his season-long girlfriend Serene Russell.

A promo for the episode seemingly confirms Reality Steve’s previous reports the pair end up engaged.

“I’m hands down the luckiest to walk this earth that I found Serene,” Jones says in the clip. He goes on to tell her, “Serene, I want to start forever with you.”

But that is not where the twists end, with host Jesse Palmer asking the happy couple, “Do you want to get married right now?”

Do the betrothed decide to get hitched before leaving Mexico? Not according to Reality Steve.

“On final day, Jesse told them he was ordained, and asked them if they wanted to get married right there,” the blogger tweeted. “So BIP ends with a cliffhanger whether they got married or not. At reunion they come out and say they didn’t, just still engaged.”

Victoria Fuller Addresses the Greg Grippo Dating Rumors

Victoria Fuller takes the hot seat to address rumors she is dating Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette.” The pair were photographed together in Italy, seemingly confirming the end of her relationship with Johnny DePhillipo.

If you rewind to Mexico, Fuller and DePhillipo went into their Fantasy Suite date with a possible engagement on the agenda. While picking out a ring with Bachelor Nation’s go-to jeweler, Neil Lane, he admits, “To be honest, now I almost feel like I have to do this.”

The 26-year-old does end up proposing, according to Reality Steve.

“Obviously, I’m nervous, but it’s just like take that leap because so much of you wants this and if it has to be with anyone, I’m so happy it’s with Victoria,” DePhillipo says in a promo.

But fast-forward to the real world and their relationship crumbled quickly.

According to a Twitter thread covering the reunion special, Reality Steve reveals they had a tumultuous relationship after returning home and even went to counseling.

Fuller claimed DePhillipo called her “a stupid c***” and admonished her worth as a woman. He denied her allegations, though he admitted to saying things he now regrets. DePhillipo claimed that Fuller threw her wine at him and declared herself out of his league.

At some point, Tyler Norris interjects.

“He said he heard from a reporter that Victoria cheated at a party in LA and she was telling everyone she was very much single,” according to Reality Steve. “Victoria went off and started yelling at Tyler telling him to be quiet and this didn’t involve him.”

It seems likely that DePhillipo is the unseen man Norris is comforting in the preview, saying, “She’s gonna do anything she can to make it seem like it’s your fault. That’s who she is.”

Fuller is expected to confirm her relationship with Grippo, who attended the taping. The duo was talking before “Bachelor in Paradise” began, but according to Reality Steve, it was “nothing serious.”

The blogger tweeted, “He had his ex (Clemence) and didn’t go & she went but she told Johnny about it. Then he’d see Greg texting her but she assured him she & Greg were just friends. Johnny found out thru social media about the Italy trip.”

Fuller and Grippo also revealed they got matching tattoos in Italy, which say “hot” in Italian.

Danielle Maltby Shares a Major Relationship Update

As viewers saw, Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio left Mexico as a couple. The two were still going strong by the time of the reunion, with Maltby revealing plans to move closer to Allio.

“Michael and Danielle are still together. Danielle is moving to Ohio, but getting her own place. They are taking things slow,” Reality Steve tweeted.

Allio did have to face his former flame Sierra Jackson at the taping.

She “talked to Michael & just said she wish he was straight forward with her & that it was her that he didn’t feel it with and not that he wasn’t ready,” Reality Steve tweeted. He added, “She said Michael kissed her 3 times after they broke up and was under the impression there was still a chance. Michael denied doing that.”

Though, Allio appears to apologize in the preview. He says, “I’m incredibly sorry I didn’t give you the kind of closure that you needed.”

Brittany Galvin Dumpted Tyler Norris on FaceTime

Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris were inseparable since meeting during the Split Week twist. While they left Mexico as a couple, according to Reality Steve, they are no longer together.

“Tyler and Brittany left BIP as couple & met each others families,” the blogger revealed on Twitter. “Tyler was going to LA for a party and asked her to go. She said she couldn’t bc didn’t have money and he offered to pay for her. She said no.”

He continued, “Days later she a bought ticket to London and then Italy for herself, and broke up with him on FaceTime in Italy. On stage she said their goals didn’t line up. Wanted him to be on his own person and felt he was just revolving his life around her.”

Eliza Isichei Addresses Her Relationship With Rodney Mathews & Justin Glaze

Eliza Isichei was involved in one of this season’s most heartbreaking love triangles.

She first arrived during the Split Week twist, developing a quick connection with Rodney Mathews. However, when the previously eliminated Justin Glaze asked her on a date, she found herself upset Mathews did not put his foot down. Soon, she was torn between the two men, giving her rose to Mathews at the next rose ceremony. The next morning she regretted her decision and flew to Baltimore, Maryland in a failed attempt to win back Glaze.

According to Reality Steve’s Twitter thread on the reunion special, Isichei and Glaze were still in contact when the cameras stopped rolling.

“Justin said after Eliza left Baltimore they were supposed to meet up in LA,” the blogger tweeted. “They’d talked for hrs after cameras left & he’d told her no and were thinking about maybe trying in LA but she ghosted him. She said he didn’t hit her up until like 11 at night when he was there.”

Palmer questioned the start of the love triangle.

“You know, Rodney, the whole genesis of this situation really goes back to the time that Justin showed up on the beach, and you encouraged her to go on the date,” Palmer said in a clip. Mathews explained, “Specifically, what I said to her is, ‘If you 100% don’t know that it’s me, you should go on the date.’ Because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. A week before that, I was dating Lace. I didn’t want to be toxic or controlling ‘cause that’s not me, that’s not my nature.”

But apparently, that was not what Isichei wanted to hear.

“I just felt like we were so good and all I needed to hear in that moment was, ‘I don’t want you to.’ Because I would do the same thing if the roles were reversed,” she said. Mathews responded, ‘Even though I told you, ‘I don’t want you to go.’ Was that just not enough?”

Which Paradise Couple Got Back Together?

Jill Chin regularly found herself at odds with Kira Mengistu in Mexico, first with Romeo Alexander and then again with Jacob Rapini. The two will come face-to-face at the reunion, with Chin seemingly calling her out.

“You called me a slut shamer and a gaslighter,” the 27-year-old says in the preview.

In a surprising turn of events, Mengistu returned to the beach after being eliminated. This time, she left hand-in-hand with Alexander.

As Reality Steve tweeted, the two “are still talking.”

Chin ended up leaving Paradise brokenhearted. She was separated from Rapini during the Split Week twist, only to find out he was pursuing a different relationship.

But, it seems, Rapini wants a second chance.

At the taping, “Jacob asked Jill if she’d be interested in continuing to date and she said yes,” Reality Steve tweeted.

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