Fans Question One of Tayshia Adams’ Guys on Instagram

Tayshia Adams sits on a couch with a few men from her season.

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Once a person goes on one of The Bachelor franchise shows, they can expect that every move they make thereafter will be scrutinized by fans, especially if they leave a mark — be it a positive or a negative one.

This is the case for Brendan Morais, a 30-year-old commercial roofer from Massachusetts. After a bit of a hiatus from posting to his Instagram account (save for a few stories here and there), Morais returned, officially, to the social media platform on Monday. He uploaded a series of photos and videos, which fans believe were taken in Tulum, Mexico.

Fans were quick to comment on the post, and many asked who took the videos of him. While we don’t know who was with him on his tropical getaway, fans are clearly wondering if he may have been hanging out with a friend… perhaps one of the female variety.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brendan Morais Fans Are Wondering Who Took the Videos in His Latest Instagram Update

Morais’ Instagram updated consisted of five videos, all recorded while he was on vacation.

“I honestly need to get back to work,” he captioned the post, his first of 2021.

The first video shows Morais standing in an infinity-style swimming pool. The camera pans in close to him before moving out to capture the breathtaking views of the ocean. The camera then faces down along the beach before filming the blue sky above.

In the next video, someone recorded Morais while he was riding a bike. He showed off some of his skills, like riding with one foot off, and standing up while moving.

The third video show Morais riding in a boat, his hair blowing in the wind. Someone who was sitting across from him recorded the video, and he was smiling as the boat cruised along.

Up next was a video of Morais stirring a cup of coffee, and then taking a sip from his spoon. The final video was a dizzying view of what looks like a hotel lobby.

It didn’t take very long for fans to start asking who Morais was with on his getaway. It sounds like people want to know if he’s dating someone.

“Who’s taking the vids?” one Instagram user asked.

“Who the F is with you,” asked another.

“Your camera person knows the angles,” wrote a third.

“But who is filming!?!? We love you and need to know,” asked another.

The comments didn’t stop there, of course. The post received nearly 20,000 likes in the first hour that it was posted. Morais hasn’t responded to any of the comments so far.

Brendan Morais Broke Things off With Tayshia Adams Because He Said He Wasn’t Ready for a Serious Relationship

Fans of The Bachelorette may recall Morais breaking things off with Tayshia Adams because he simply wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.

“I still think there are pieces of myself that I need to pick up. All I want is to give you my whole heart. But, as I sit here today, my heart isn’t whole. … You deserve a man who is healed from his past. And, unfortunately, right now, I’m not that man,” he told Adams on the show.

Morais was previously married. Although he didn’t talk much about his previous marriage, he did reveal that he and his ex-wife met when they were young and tied the knot when they were in their 20s. As they grew older, they grew apart, thus the reason for their divorce.

It’s unknown how many years ago Morais went through his divorce or if that is the relationship that kept him from moving on with Adams.

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