Tia Booth Asks for Prayers for ‘Bachelor’ Co-Star Caroline Lunny

Tia Booth.

Getty Images Tia Booth asks fans to pray for her friend.

Tia Booth asked fans for prayers after Caroline Lunny was hospitalized with pneumonia. The two women met and became friends on season 22 of “The Bachelor.”

“Plzzzz say a prayer for @carolinelunny! She’s been in the hospital with pneumonia since the wedding and is having surgery today. Lord, I lift Caroline up to you and I pray the doctors and nurses are able to figure out what is wrong to get her healed up ASAP! In Jesus name amen,” Booth captioned a post on her Instagram Stories on November 15, 2023.

According to multiple fans on Reddit, Lunny choked on a hot dog at Booth’s wedding and aspirated, which is what caused the pneumonia. Lunny was told that she would need a bronchoscopy, which allows doctors to get a closer look at the lungs.

Lunny took to her own Instagram Stories on November 16, 2023, to share that she didn’t end up having surgery after all.

Here’s what you need to know:

Caroline Lunny Thanked Tia Booth for Her Love & Support

After seeing Booth’s message on social media, Lunny reposted it and sent love to her pal.

“Love you @tiarachel91,” Lunny posted on her Instagram Stories on November 15, 2023, along with a brown heart emoji.

Lunny shared a positive update with fans after finding out that she was going to be discharged. “I’ve got good news and I’ve got annoying news,” she said on her Instagram Stories. She was wearing a hospital gown while filming in her hospital room before packing up to head out.

“No surgery happened today,” she continued. “Which, truthfully? I’m actually fine with because I already have really vulnerable lungs,” she added. The worst part seemed to be that Lunny wasn’t able to eat all day in anticipation for the surgery that never happened. Seeing the bright side, Lunny said it was okay because she could “use a little fast.”

Lunny made a pit stop at a local CVS to pick up some medications before her sister drove her home.

Fans Reacted to Caroline Lunny’s Hospitalization on Reddit

Shortly after Booth revealed that Lunny was in the hospital, several “Bachelor” fans took to Reddit to react. Most of the comments included well-wishes for Lunny.

“That sounds terrifying. I had double pneumonia as a kid and was almost admitted to the hospital for it. It was horrible and one of the reasons I was/am so cautious about Covid. There’s nothing quite like trying to breathe and feeling the fluid crackling down in your lungs and not being able to get a full breath. Wishing Caroline a swift recovery and no further complications,” read one comment.

“Oh my God, Caroline. She’s been going through so much in recent years with her abusive, crazy, stalker ex. She even needed a restraining order. Praying for her right now. This is very serious,” someone else said.

“I’d never heard of aspiration Pneumonia before and it’s terriflying to me. All the best to her for a speedy recovery,” a third Redditor added.

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