‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Pictured With Cast After Injury in Mexico

An ambulance in Mexico

Getty An ambulance drives on a road in Mexico.

Fans are accustomed to seeing a lot of drama on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but serious injuries are not common. However, for season 8, spoilers suggest there is at least one contestant seriously injured. Rumors about this injury had been swirling around for a week or two, and now the contestant in question has shared a glimpse of how serious this was. Casey Woods, who was on Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette” and joined season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” apparently experienced an unfortunate turn of events during his adventure filming in Mexico.

Here’s what you need to know:

Woods Reportedly Had to Leave Paradise Early

Spoiler king Reality Steve has shared quite a few “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers for season 8, including a tidbit about Woods. Apparently, the Miami, Florida-based musician only was in paradise for a few days before he had to stop filming. Reality Steve explained, “Casey broke his ankle pre-rose ceremony #2, so he was gone before then.” Prior to that incident, Woods had connected, to some degree, with Brittany Galvin from Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” Reality Steve previously detailed that Woods gave his first rose to Galvan at the initial rose ceremony.

At this point, it does not seem that details regarding how Woods broke his ankle have emerged. It may have been something simple, but “Bachelor in Paradise” fans may want to brace themselves for some drama tied to the situation to be incorporated into upcoming previews.

The Musician Shared A Glimpse of His Injured Leg on Social Media

On June 27, Woods gave his Instagram followers their first chance to see what kind of condition he is in now. A series of stories showed him laid up on a couch, and he added a hashtag suggesting he was “Living My Best Life.” He captioned the photo, “Grey’s Anatomy and Strawberries. Feels like the right time to get into a 17-season show.” The photo showed a laptop playing “Grey’s” as Woods was stretched out on the couch. A paper plate sat on his chest, and an open container of strawberries on top of it. Woods stretched his legs out on the couch with his injured leg was propped up on the back of it.

A few hours later, Woods shared another snapshot on his Instagram stories. “My sister @thehourglassproject came through with the best moral support,” he noted. The photo showed him still laid up with his injured leg propped up, but this time, he had his sister’s fluffy puppy on his lap. On June 28, Woods shared one more slide to his Instagram stories. This one showed three hand-drawn cards from his sister’s kids who wished “Uncle Casey” a good recovery. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star added text thanking everybody for the sweet messages. He also added, “Gonna be a long road to recovery.”

Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” does not premiere on ABC until September 27, and it seems likely whatever happened to Woods will remain something of a mystery until that episode airs. Spoilers detailing the incident may emerge sooner than that, and viewers will be eager to find out exactly how this happened.