Catherine Giudici Lowe Shares News of Sad Family Loss

Catherine Giudici Lowe.

Heavy/Getty Catherine Giudici is mourning the loss of her grandmother.

Catherine Giudici is mourning the loss of her grandmother, Connie, who died in December 2023. The former “Bachelor” contestant, who is married to Sean Lowe, shared a tribute to her “grandma” on Instagram.

“To my grandma. I love you. I miss you so much. I hope when people see me, they see an ounce of your joie de vivre. You were the life of the party. Everyone wanted to be around you. You were so glamorous and unapologetically yourself. You tried to steal every boyfriend I’ve ever had, you would say and do the most ridiculous things to make everyone laugh, you were our community’s queen,” Giudici captioned a post on December 10, 2023.

“I know I will get to dance the electric slide with you and hear all your stories again, see you flirt with anyone who comes near you, make people laugh again. What a life you have led. I feel like I’ve been saying goodbye for years, but now it’s officially ‘I’ll see you later.’ It’s been a true honor being your granddaughter,” she added.

Here’s what you need to know:

Catherine Giudici’s Grandmother Was on ‘The Bachelor’

Back in 2012, Giudici’s grandmother met Lowe for the first time. As part of her tribute post, Giudici shared a clip from “The Bachelor” during Hometown Dates. Many fans remembered the time well.

After Giudici shared the news of her grandmother’s death, dozens of people took to the comments section of the Instagram post to share their condolences.

“I’m so sorry. I remember those scenes. She was so funny! I would say may she rest in peace (but sounds like she doesn’t like peace, she likes a party. I am sure she’s having one,” one person wrote.

“I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss. It’s a big one. I still miss my grandmother. They are the most special person in our lives. May all of your beautiful memories fill your heart with her love,” someone else added.

“Grandmothers are so special. You are so blessed to have had her in your life for so long. Looks like you inherited her great sense of humor and personality,” a third comment read.

Catherine Giudici & Sean Lowe Had a Tough Year

Giudici and Lowe have both lost people very close to them in 2023. Early on in the year, Lowe was pretty quiet on social media. He returned to Instagram in February to share that one of his best friends had died.

“I’ve been absent on here lately because I lost one of my best friends last week. Part of me wanted to tell you all how great he was, but the other part of me didn’t want to get flooded with ‘I’m so sorry for your loss’ messages and make this about me,” Lowe wrote on his Instagram Stories at the time.

“Make sure you’re checking in with your loved ones who may be struggling in silence. And even when the world seems so broken, there’s hope in Jesus,” he added.

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