Fan Favorite ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Announces Split

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Heav "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Chelsea Vaughn and Austin Tinsley have split.

Another couple from “Bachelor in Paradise” has split, and fans are disappointed to learn the news.

Chelsea Vaughn and Austin Tinsley both initially joined Bachelor Nation via “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” in the United States. Unfortunately, neither one of them was not able to find love during their initial journeys. They both decided to take a risk and join the Canadian version of “Bachelor in Paradise” for season 2 and there, they fell for one another.

Vaughn and Tinsley lasted as a couple for quite some time and even seemed like they had the potential to go the distance. Sadly, they have now announced that will not be the case.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chelsea Vaughn and Austin Tinsley Feel ‘Extremely Heavy-Hearted’

On September 27, the “Bachelor in Paradise” pair posted a joint statement on Instagram. The photo showed the pair at the final rose ceremony from their season, where they chose to remain together as a couple post-filming.

As Us Weekly noted, Tinsley and Vaughn did not get engaged at that point. Despite that, the two quietly kept their relationship going and had recently moved into a new place together.

Vaughn authored the caption for the pair’s Instagram announcement. “Since many of you watched our love story unfold, we wanted to share with you that we are no longer together,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star wrote.

She added, “This decision was not made lightly and of course, it wasn’t what either of us had hoped for. We are extremely heavy-hearted, but also very grateful to have separated with love and respect for each other and for the relationship.”

The BiP Couple Had to Keep Their Love Under Wraps for Months

Season 2 of the Canadian “Bachelor in Paradise” debuted in May, but as Nunatsiaq News noted, it was filmed during the summer of 2022. That meant that couples like Tinsley and Vaughn had to keep their relationship under wraps for almost a year.

In her Instagram caption, Vaughn signaled that the time span between filming and airing the season meant fans missed out on a lot of great moments the pair had. Vaughn shared, “Because of our unique circumstances, sadly, we weren’t able to share a year’s worth of wonderful moments with you.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star also thanked fans, writing, “We are so appreciative of all the love and support you’ve shown us and our relationship over the last few months.” The caption was signed using the couple’s nickname, “Aussea.”

Tinsley Has Already Moved Back to California

Tinsley first appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette.” He was eliminated at the first rose ceremony, though.

Vaughn joined the Bachelor Nation franchise during Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” She was eliminated just before the opportunity to introduce James to her family, and she then decided to look for love again on season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Lasting love didn’t develop for Vaughn during “Bachelor in Paradise,” either. However, it looked as if the third time would be the charm when she joined the Canadian version the following summer.

Bachelor Nation detailed that Tinsley moved from California to New York to be near Vaughn. He initially moved into her NYC apartment with her, but the two recently moved into a new place of their own in New Jersey.

On September 28, Tinsley shared in an Instagram Story he had left New York and moved to Orange County, California. He admitted he has been doing his best to stay distracted, as he was not “used to any type of heartbreak.”

News of the “Bachelor in Paradise” split generated a lot of chatter on “The Bachelor” subreddit. While many fans were disappointed, there were quite a few who admitted they were not entirely surprised.

“I’m really shocked by this one, I thought they got a place together two weeks ago? They seemed so happy,” one fan wrote.

“I did not think they were going to get married or anything, but I’m shocked things ended so quickly after they went public,” another detailed. That Redditor added, “How did they last a year of hiding only to break up a few months later after going public?”

“Can’t lie I’m not surprised, the vibes weren’t giving lifelong partner,” someone else admitted.

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